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Epic Airsoft HD : APS UAR Review & Shooting Test

Epic Airsoft HD : APS UAR Review & Shooting Test:

Review unit that came all the way across the pond for Jai to review in this new episode of Epic Airsoft HD… “Thanks to Jag Precision, we got our hands on the weird but wonderful APS UAR. This gun was designed purely for Airsoft use (although we think it looks a lot like the Polish MSBS), so let’s find out how the UAR stacks against the other bullpups we’ve tested before!”




Think you’re a technical expert on PTWs? Then we challenge you to this SUPER CHALLENGE KIT. Leaving the user to assemble almost every single part of the PTW (including motor and planetary gearbox), this kit allows you to be intimately knowledgeable about the inner workings of the PTW. And best of all, this will be the lowest priced PTW on the market! Coming soon…




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KWA KRISS Vector Review - Part I - PyramydAir.com (HD)

Luftwaffensicherungstruppe Alpha im Einsatz

Luftwaffensicherungstruppe Alpha im Einsatz:
Was hat Schwingen und kann doch nicht fliegen? – Richtig, ein Infanterist der Luftwaffe. Wobei, wenn man an Helikopter denkt, die im Einsatz verwendet werden, ist der Kalauer schon nicht mehr so richtig. Heute zeigen wir Euch einen „Soldat Luftwaffensicherungstruppe Alpha“, wie er in Afghanistan im Einsatz ist. Und wir geben Euch die Kitlist dazu:
Boonie (dstl.)

UA HeatGear (priv.)

IdZ Sk4 (dstl.)

Einsatzkampfjacke (dstl.)

Einsatzkampfhose (dstl.) / Leo Köhler Combatshirt (privat)

Asolo Fugitive GTX (priv.)

Oaklay SI Gloves (priv.)

Oakley M-Frame 2.0 (priv.)

Gefechtshelm + Lucie-Montage + IR-Beacon (alles dstl.)

Serpa CQC auf Beinplatte Highride (priv.)

VTAC Padded Sling (priv.)
LHT Chestrig 2-teilig + Tragegestell(priv.)

- BE-X Doppelshingle + TacTailor DoubleFrag Pouch

- BE-X Doppelshingle + 2x Tasmanian Tiger Doppel 40mm

- LHT DM25

- LHT Doppelmagazin

- LHT Mehrzwecktasche II. + China Dumppouch + China Doppel 9mm

- BE-X Zuüberhörtasche, klein
10x G36 Magazin
1x DM25 Nebel
1x DM35 Schnellnebel
1x DM32 Signalrauch
1x DM51 Handgranate
1x 40mm CS-Reizstoff-Granate
9x 40mm HEDP Granate
1x RSG 4 (Reizstoffsprühgerät / CS-Gas)
versch. Signalpatronen
(1x SEM 52SL nicht auf Bild)
(2x P8 9mm Magazine, nicht auf Bild)
Flugplatzsicherung war der eigentliche „Gründungsauftrag“ der Luftwaffensicherungstruppe, ursprünglich gegen Spetsnaz, weil man befürchtete, dass asymetrische Angriffe auf die senisblen Einrichtungen der Luftwaffe stattfinden könnten. Daher Ausbildung im gleichen Bereich, also Jagdkommandos bilden und die feindliche Kräfte aufspüren.
Im Einsatz geht es bei der Luftwaffensicherungstruppe zum Einen um Objektschutz (aber eben nicht Main Gate Betrieb sondern Raumschutz um das Feldlager), Absicherung von Feldjägern(also Kräfteschutz), teilweise auch Personenschutz, wenn kein Close-Protection-Team der Feldjger notwendig ist, Zusammenarbeit mit der Zivilbevölkerung durch das „Dorffeldwebel“-System. Jeder Gruppe wird ein Dorf im Einsatzraum zu gewiesen, das sie betreut, mit dem Malik spricht, evtl. Mittel über CIMIC anbietet, oder einfach selbst  Wassertanks, Holz, Bänke, Tische etc. von andern Einheiten anfragen und dann dort hinbringen.
Und letztendlich wahrscheinlich das Spannenste: Personel Recovery, zwar nicht ganz so cool wie die Pendants der USAF, da keiner eine Sprungausbildung hat, aber immerhin mit Black Hawks und unter Ausbildungsunterstützung von US SOF. Dazu gibt es auch ein Bundeswehrvideo, das HIER zu sehen ist.
Special THX an Hellsing-Dundee für Bilder und Bericht!

Tanaka // releases new spring powered K98k

Tanaka // releases new spring powered K98k:

Regarding to Airsoft2Day -- the japanese airsoft manufacturer Tanaka Works has relaunched his K98k as an “bolt action, spring powered, air cocking replica”. It´s available at Tokyo Model Company for $780 USD. Extra parts like a magazine or Tanakas replica of the “Mauser scope” for the rifle are also available at the shop.
  • Length: 1100mm
  • Weight: 4000g
  • Material: Wood & Metal
  • Magazine Capacity: 24rds (6mm BB)
  • System: Spring Cocking
For more details please visit their shop HERE or Tanakas website. Below we show you a short test firing video from the rifle.




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Airsoft Cheaters: The "Not Gonna Call It!" Guy.

TFB: Real Steel H&K G28 DMR Photos

TFB: Real Steel H&K G28 DMR Photos:
TFB: H&K G28 DMR Photo
The Firearm Blog posted photos of the Heckler & Koch G28 DMR as taken by the 762PR last Sunday. Well, if you want that setup better prepare to do some modding to your VFC HK417 AEG. The photos did a good job capturing the awesomeness of this rifle and of course geardos imaginations will run wild again on how to have a loadout like that.

Magpul PDR-C Shooting Test and Review - EpicAirsoftHD

RECOIL Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5 2013 out now!!!

RECOIL Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5 2013 out now!!!:
Get your copy of the latest issue from the RECOIL Magazine!
recoil magazine


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Absolute Accuracy (Even without Scope) KingArms Galil Arm - RedWolf Airs...

Airsoft International goes digital

Airsoft International goes digital:
Airsoft International magazine is now available in digital format:
Airsoft International goes digital
Following on from the award winning global success of the printed version on Ai, we can now offer the global Airsoft community a digital version
Ai digital copy
Our goal in partnering with PocketMags.com was to make Ai easier to find and more compatible than before. Now it’s simple to find, sample and buy your digital
magazines… Simply search the Newsstand or App Store for “Airsoft International” and follow the prompts. You’ll be able to download the application and find the latest
issues on your device as soon as they are available.
The app is FREE along with a FREE sample edition
(Airsoft International magazine)

Umarex HK417D Review

Stark Arms / VFC Glock 19 (G19) airsoft pistol

Socomgear // DD M4 MFR 7″/9″/12″ AEG Now Available In USA and Asia!

Socomgear // DD M4 MFR 7″/9″/12″ AEG Now Available In USA and Asia!:
The Daniel Defense MFR is a fully licensed, fully custom, fully loaded AEG right out of the box! It comes in 7”, 9” and 12” length rail options. The gun comes with fully licensed trademarks for Daniel Defense and features the Daniel Defense MFR(Modular Float Rail). This rail is a light-weight CNC Machined Modular Free Float Handguard. It is specifically designed to adequately cover a low profile gas block on a carbine or mid-length gas system barrel. Should the shooter desire, the tube can be run “slick” with an uninterrupted top rail that runs the length of the tube. In addition, the installation of Modular Picatinny Rails is accomplished with little effort. This allows you to have rails anywhere you need them and not in placed where you don’t. The full metal body’s dust cover features a dust cover that is engraved with the word “Infidel” and the US Flag.
Package include:

- 1 x DD MFR

- 1 x Hicap Magazine

- Daniel Defense Trades

- Full metal body

- Shoots 400 FPS out of the box

- Comes with the DD MFR rail

- Light weight Free float rail system

- Engraved Dust Cover with the US Flag and the word “Infidel”

- Picatinny Rail Sections at standard 90 degree or offset angles.
Click for more info and photo >> http://socomgear.com/english/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=DD+M4+MFR


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MadBull Airsoft XCR Rifle Giveaway Event

MadBull Airsoft XCR Rifle Giveaway Event:SOCOM Gear XCR MadBull
Here's your chance to win that SOCOM Gear XCR AEG from MadBull Airsoft as long as you like their Facebook Page... "Hello fans! We are back with another event! Last week we asked you fans what you wish to win for next prize and guess what?? XCR rifle got the most demands! So as we promised, we decide to give away Socom Gear XCR rifle! XCR rifle, guys! XCR!
Just to let you know Socom Gear rifle MSRP for about $400!

It is going to be a huge event giveaway! :)
Madbull Facebook:
Madbull MKT

Gunfire // now in stock – LCT M60 limited edition!!!

Gunfire // now in stock – LCT M60 limited edition!!!:

One of the 500 limited edition pcs of M60 by LCT have just arrived to Gunfire! For the first look, it’s amazing replica. Weight and quality is astonishing! This replica, you can see on our IWA booth.



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RA-TECH S.R.U Design SR-18c Stealth SR-17 Mustang review

Operator7 1K GIVEAWAY!

Operator7 1K GIVEAWAY!:


After a long reflection, I've decided to make just one giveaway, but it will be much more interesting:

In order to participate all you have to do is Like and Share this image (remember only public likes and shares will be valid), and go Like our friends at OML Patches ( http://www.facebook.com/OMLPatches ) in case you haven't done this already. It will count as an extra entry!

If you want to increase your chances to win, just send in more friends and ask them to refer you in this image! One friend refer = one more entry!!

The giveaway consists in 22 OML Patches, well patches, 2 ITW FastMags in Foliage Green and one Eaiming convertible pack in Coyote! And its open to the whole world!

Contest ends as soon as we reach 1000 Likes, then we will draw the lucky winner using random.org.

So stay calm and Like Operator7!!

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G&G in IWA 2013_Review

ASG 2013 Catalog

SKIRM Magazine // Issue#3 out now!!!

SKIRM Magazine // Issue#3 out now!!!:
Ron from SKIRM Magazine send over details from the new issue#3 which is now available. Read the “description” below to get a short look inside the magazine.
In issue #3 of SKIRM magazine there is a skirm feature of a WWII airsoft event in Belgium, and a feature about “the Canyon”, which is a former limestone quarry now in use as an airsoftsite. Then we have reviews of the A&K M249 LMG, the new videogame Sniper: ghost warrior 2 and the Emerson fast helmet. Our replica roots story this issue is built around the Heckler & Koch MP5 family. Off course the regular items “pretty nasty” and “your local crew” as well as columns of the Dutch and Belgian airsoft associations and much more.


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VFC Statement On The WE SMG-8 .22 Version

VFC Statement On The WE SMG-8 .22 Version:
WE Airsoft SMG8 IWA 2013
An official statement from Vega Force Company (VFC) regarding a news tidbit about the WE SMG-8 .22 version will be manufactured by them as posted at The Firearm Blog (TFB) last week. Whilst the story is based on the story from Popular Airsoft, the update regarding that VFC will be the OEM for the .22 version did not come from us.
Here is the official statement:
This is the statement, announced by Vega Force Company, on the update of the news titled “WE To Produce .22 H&K MP7 Replica” published on the Firearm Blog. The update of the news states…
“A source has told me that the Taiwanese firm VFC is likely to be the company who will be the OEM manufacturing the .22 version of the SMG-8.”
Please be advised, Vega Force Company WILL NOT and DID NOT manufacture and take part of the model nor project, “SMG-8”, in any kind of Airsoft replicas, air guns and .22 LR rifles.

Vega Force Company
Besides, VFC is the OEM for the Umarex/Elite Force series of Heckler & Koch airsoft guns and they're actually building an MP7 Gas Blowback SMG as shown in the video from WGC Shop as they visited VFC in Taiwan and it's also a true 1:1 scale model as compared to the KWA and Marui versions.

SCDTV - BO AKM Airsoft Rifle Review - TEASER

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WE To Produce .22 H&K MP7 Replica

WE To Produce .22 H&K MP7 Replica: we-airsoft-smg8-preview
Popular Airsoft reports that airsoft maker WE is going to manufacturer a .22 LR version of their new H&K MP7 replica, the WE SMG-8. The SMG-8 is virtually identical to the MP7 but, in the hopes of avoiding the wrath of H&K laywers, they have made a few changes. The SMG-8 has a number of vents and cutouts, lacks a folding grip and uses different sights to the real thing. In a world where Apple can patent rounded rectangles and Glock can patent rounded cuboids, I can’t help but wonder if these changes are enough to keep H&K at bay.
WE are partnering with an established “real steel” gun company company to produce the .22 but are tight lipped as to who their partner is. Does anyone have any idea who that company might be?
UPDATE: A source has told me that the Taiwanese firm VFC is likely to be the company who will be the OEM manufacturing the .22 version of the SMG-8. VFC are the OEM for the Walther/Umarex .22 firearms (and therefor produce H&K-licensed/branded parts for Walther/Umarex).

FLASHBANG // magazine mega giveaway!!!

FLASHBANG // magazine mega giveaway!!!:

FLASHBANG Magazine runs an 4000 likes givaway on their facebook page. All the participants will receive a 30% coupon code discount on their next FLASHBANG purchase.
LINK TO THE CONTEST : https://www.facebook.com/flashbangmag/app_433795460003896


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WE Airsoft présente le prototype du Tokarev TT33 GBB

WE Airsoft présente le prototype du Tokarev TT33 GBB:
Voilà quelques mois que WE Airsoft avait semé des indices à propos de la sortie prochaine d’une réplique du Tokarev TT33, le pistolet développé pour l’Armée Rouge dans les années 1920. Cette information se confirme aujourd’hui grâce au blog asiatique PublicEnemy, qui publie aujourd’hui quelques photos ainsi que 2 vidéos du premier prototype de la réplique. Plus d’infos prochainement !
WE Airsoft TT33 GBB A
WE Airsoft TT33 GBB B
WE Airsoft TT33 GBB C
WE Airsoft TT33 GBB D

Merci à Rage

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Airsoft Inside n°22 – Mars 2013

Airsoft Inside n°22 – Mars 2013:
L’équipe du webzine gratuit Airsoft Inside nous informe de la parution du numéro 22 de Mars 2013. Ce numéro sera également le dernier, du moins sous cette forme. En effet, la formule évolue : les articles seront dorénavant à découvrir directement sur le site web d’Airsoft Inside. Pour le lire, voici le lien de téléchargement : Airsoft Inside n°22 – Mars 2013 ( PDF – 51 Mo ).
Airsoft-Inside Mars 2013

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PTS selector for M4 GBB (WA/G&P)

PTS selector for M4 GBB (WA/G&P):
PTS have sent over details of their selectors for the M4 GBB:
PTS Selector For M4 GBB (WA/G&P) The PTS SSG Selectors – M4 GBBR are drop-in, dual sided selectors for the WA and G&P GBB family of weapons. Designed for users who demand more positive control of the selector, the PTS SSG are direct replacements for the WA / G&P selectors, and require no permanent modification to the weapon system. We are excited to announce that PTS SSG Selector for M4 / M16 GBB rifle is now available.
  • More positive control of the selector on the Airsoft WA/ G&P M4/M16 Gas Blow-Back rifle.
  • Direct replacements for selectors and require no modification to the Airsoft Training weapon system.
  • Levers are detachable and interchangeable on both sides for maximum flexibility and user preference.
  • Decreased time required for switching between shooting modes.
  • Precision CNC machined main shaft from solid steel alloy.
  • Small allen head screws discourage over-torquing.
Remark : All installation hardware included.
Warning: This product is for airsoft, training and stimulation only. Please be aware that this product is not compatible with real firearms. Users should be alert that airsoft products are potentially dangerous which can cause serious injury and even death.  If user misused this product, PTS will not take any responsibility accordingly.

The Range // new issue from Soilder of Fortune available

The Range // new issue from Soilder of Fortune available:
The new issue from “Soilder of Fortune” is now stock at The Range. Get yours over at the shop!
Product link: www.airsoftrange.co.uk/soldier-of-fortune-magazine-april-2013-issue


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WE Airsoft SMG8 Gas Blowback SMG Preview

Can you curve your BB?

18 Things You Need For An Airsoft Stealth Assassin/SWAT/Blackout Kit

18 Things You Need For An Airsoft Stealth Assassin/SWAT/Blackout Kit:
Image credit:www.americanspecialops.com
Yes, I know this guy is Coast Guard, not SWAT or an assassin.
I just wanted to illustrate the type of kit I was going for here.
I noticed a few new additions to Pyramyd Air's website and as I thought more about it, I decided that I wanted to write about creating an assassin/black ops/clandestine mission/spy loadout.  Not Black Ops, as it refers to the video game, but the black ops from which the video games name was inspired.  The kind where the lone assailant, possibly CIA, possibly IMF, possibly MI6, something cool that I don't even know about, wears the all black kit, and goes out into the dead of night to send a few unholy souls back to their maker all quiet-like.    I suppose, minus the assassination missions, this could also be perceived as a loadout inspired by special law enforcement taskforce units like SWAT, who typically wear all-black or dark blue kits.

Why am I talking about this today?  I will be perfectly honest with you.  I love the high-speed operator loadouts, with tons of AOR1/AOR2/Multicam/OD/FDE gear, but there are some things you can do with black kit that can be pretty awesome, too.  I'm an equal opportunity loadout lover.

This is really more of a kit that you'd wear for CQB, especially if you're not part of a larger team with a set uniform standard already in place.  This kit would obviously not be super appropriate, nor even allowed in some cases, at an outdoor, MilSim event at a MOUT facility or elsewhere, for example.  This is also not an attempt to do an accurate impression of any sort of agency operator, more of a kit inspired by all the spy/assassin movies I've seen over the course of my 29+ years on this planet. I'm going to play the part of assassin expert because there is no way that you can stop me. 

To see my list of stealth assassin loadout items, click this link to take the jump.

Read the Oldies, but Goodies »

Using Propane Adapters

MilSpec Monkey MultiWrap

MilSpec Monkey MultiWrap:

Our friend Monkey from MilSpec Monkey released some pictures today on his facebook page about his new product  the MilSpec Monkey MultiWrap. Want to know what is a MultiWrap? well the Monkey tells you:
These multiwraps are super handy for helping keep the sun off your head and neck, sweat management, and from breathing in dust just as some starter uses! Made of a stretchy polyester microfiber material and done in a seamless tube shape they accommodate the vast majority of head sizes comfortably and can be folded up quite small for storage later. Even when imported a lot of places charge too much for these, we got a a good sized pile and wanted to offer them at a fair price. This particular one sports a MSM logo design and is overall a close match to multicam colors.
Size:  Approx 9.75" x 19.5"
Price: $5.50
Product link: HERE



Socom Gear M4 magazine collection

Socom Gear M4 magazine collection:
Socom Gear have sent over details of their M4 magazine collection:
Click for more info and photo >>
(Socom Gear)

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WARSOFT // Issue 36 out now!

WARSOFT // Issue 36 out now!:

A new Issue of the french WARSOFT Airosft Magazine is out now.

Ce numéro du mois de mars arrive sur les rayonnages de presse tout juste entre deux salons internationaux accueillant l’airsoft : le Shot Show de Las Vegas (U.S.A.), qui s’est tenu du 15 au 18 janvier dernier, et l’IWA, qui animera le centre des expositions de Nuremberg du 8 au 11 mars.

Le grand salon nord-américain du tir sportif a permis à plusieurs fabricants asiatiques de dévoiler leurs nouveautés 2013. KWA, dont le Kriss Vector arrive en magasins, s’assura encore la vedette de ce grand show avec plusieurs modèles alléchants : la réplique du pistolet suisse Sphinx 3000 Tactical (basé sur le dernier né des CZ75 compacts) ; une version gaz blowback du fusil d’assaut Magpul Masada ; et un superbe GBB-R Mega Arms, dont le réalisme et la finition feront assurément flamber une fois de plus quelques cartes de crédit !
Second fabricant taïwanais à s’illustrer, VFC y présentait deux nouveaux modèles : un HK MP5 gaz blowback doté d’un sélecteur de tir quatre positions (sûreté, semi-auto, rafale de trois coups et full auto) ; et un Smith & Wesson Military & Police 9 mm Compact doté d’un mode rafale via un mini sélecteur planqué sous sa culasse.
En attendant l’IWA, qui se déroulera courant mars en Allemagne, nous vous proposons de découvrir une review exclusive de l’AKM de BO Manufacture, marque française qui vient bousculer l’univers des AEG haut de gamme, puis nos tests des APM40 A3 et APS111 d’Accuracy Pneumatic Shooting, BAR 1918 A2 de JS Tactical, M4 CQB-R Ultra Grade de King Arms, Nighthawk Custom Recon de Redwolf, M60 Vietnam d’A&K, ainsi qu’un comparatif de pistolets CO2. Enfin nous avons réalisé un upgrade de la Blazer R93 King Arms à partir de toutes les pièces H.O.A dédiées.
Côté association, vous pourrez découvrir l’animation préparer par l’ATR Albi lors de la sortie du dernier James Bond. Enfin vous revivrez les meilleurs moments des OP « Children of Europe », « Kadhafi » et « Urban Suricates ».
Et n’oubliez pas : le Warsoft Club est né ! Outre divers avantages tels qu’une assurance individuelle vous couvrant sur toutes vos parties et OP en Europe, il vous permet de recevoir votre magazine, chaque mois, à votre domicile.

Magazine Website: www.warsoft.fr
Picture Source: Warsoft Magazine
Text Source: ACE/Warsoft Magazine
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AST Hooha Show 2013 & Product Videos

AST Hooha Show 2013 & Product Videos:
AST Celcius Training Weapon Preview
Five videos were just sent in by Airsoft Taiwan cover three clips from recently concluded Taipei Hooha Show 2013, a comparison of an M4 AEG, RA-Tech M4 GBB, and the Celcius CTW, and the a comparison of two types of gun camera which given the quality of the YouTube video, won't even get our consideration as gun or helmet cameras in this day of HD videos.
Five videos were just sent in by Airsoft Taiwan cover three clips from recently concluded Taipei Hooha Show 2013, a comparison of an M4 AEG, RA-Tech M4 GBB, and the Celcius CTW, and the a comparison of two types of gun camera which given the quality of the YouTube video, won't even get our consideration as gun or helmet cameras in this day of HD videos.
AST Taiwan Hooha Clip
AST Taiwan Hooha Clip II
AST Taiwan Hooha Clip III
AST Celcius Training Weapon Preview
AST Gun Camera Test