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18 Things You Need For An Airsoft Stealth Assassin/SWAT/Blackout Kit

18 Things You Need For An Airsoft Stealth Assassin/SWAT/Blackout Kit:
Image credit:www.americanspecialops.com
Yes, I know this guy is Coast Guard, not SWAT or an assassin.
I just wanted to illustrate the type of kit I was going for here.
I noticed a few new additions to Pyramyd Air's website and as I thought more about it, I decided that I wanted to write about creating an assassin/black ops/clandestine mission/spy loadout.  Not Black Ops, as it refers to the video game, but the black ops from which the video games name was inspired.  The kind where the lone assailant, possibly CIA, possibly IMF, possibly MI6, something cool that I don't even know about, wears the all black kit, and goes out into the dead of night to send a few unholy souls back to their maker all quiet-like.    I suppose, minus the assassination missions, this could also be perceived as a loadout inspired by special law enforcement taskforce units like SWAT, who typically wear all-black or dark blue kits.

Why am I talking about this today?  I will be perfectly honest with you.  I love the high-speed operator loadouts, with tons of AOR1/AOR2/Multicam/OD/FDE gear, but there are some things you can do with black kit that can be pretty awesome, too.  I'm an equal opportunity loadout lover.

This is really more of a kit that you'd wear for CQB, especially if you're not part of a larger team with a set uniform standard already in place.  This kit would obviously not be super appropriate, nor even allowed in some cases, at an outdoor, MilSim event at a MOUT facility or elsewhere, for example.  This is also not an attempt to do an accurate impression of any sort of agency operator, more of a kit inspired by all the spy/assassin movies I've seen over the course of my 29+ years on this planet. I'm going to play the part of assassin expert because there is no way that you can stop me. 

To see my list of stealth assassin loadout items, click this link to take the jump.

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