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WE To Produce .22 H&K MP7 Replica

WE To Produce .22 H&K MP7 Replica: we-airsoft-smg8-preview
Popular Airsoft reports that airsoft maker WE is going to manufacturer a .22 LR version of their new H&K MP7 replica, the WE SMG-8. The SMG-8 is virtually identical to the MP7 but, in the hopes of avoiding the wrath of H&K laywers, they have made a few changes. The SMG-8 has a number of vents and cutouts, lacks a folding grip and uses different sights to the real thing. In a world where Apple can patent rounded rectangles and Glock can patent rounded cuboids, I can’t help but wonder if these changes are enough to keep H&K at bay.
WE are partnering with an established “real steel” gun company company to produce the .22 but are tight lipped as to who their partner is. Does anyone have any idea who that company might be?
UPDATE: A source has told me that the Taiwanese firm VFC is likely to be the company who will be the OEM manufacturing the .22 version of the SMG-8. VFC are the OEM for the Walther/Umarex .22 firearms (and therefor produce H&K-licensed/branded parts for Walther/Umarex).

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