segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012

Snow Wolf M41A coming soon!

Snow Wolf M41A coming soon!:
I just realized some you are too young to recognize this gun: the M41A is the gun used since the beginniing of the Alien movie saga.

The interesting thing is that the guns used in the movie were actually M1 Thompson guns in desguise, really. The director wanted a fast shooting (blanks) gun with a lot of muzzle flash, so they used a Tommy with short mags and covered it up.
If you wanted to have this in airsoft, for years you had no other option but to shell out 352$ for a G&P conversion kit, plus 250$ for the Marui Thompson. I hope Snow Wolf’s complete AEG wont go for more than 150$, maybe cheaper.
BTW: the “real” gun had an electronic ammo counter, which theyll probably keep, and a grenade launcher, which in the airsoft version was a tri-barrel shotgun, which wasnt as useful, but super fun to use.

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