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Shot Show 2012: KWA announces more 2012 products

Shot Show 2012: KWA announces more 2012 products:
Las Vegas, NV and City of Industry, CA – January 17th, 2012 – This week at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, KWA will be announcing new products that will add to KWA’s extensive line of MIL-SIM and professional training products.

- Revisiting The Past -
For decades, the 1911 style pistol has been legendary among shooters all over the world due to its reliability and ergonomics.KWA 1911A1 KWA will reintroduce an NS2 version of the classic 1911A1 US ARMY, complete with original features found in its introduction as a service pistol for the US military. Both slide and frame are constructed with aluminum alloy and its magazines and internal components interchangeable with KWA’s existing 1911 Mk series magazines. The KWA 1911A1 US ARMY will be released at the end of first quarter. Street Price is expected to be $149.95 and will be available only through KWA Authorized Resellers.

Recognizing growing demand for Eastern European style replicas, KWA will also be releasing the MKV, a GBB version of the legendary 9x18mm Russian service pistol KWA MKVdesigned by Nikolai Fedorovich Makarov. The single stack pistol features an aluminum alloy slide and frame and has the same field stripping procedures as its firearm counterpart. MKV Street Price is expected to be at $134.95 and will be available only through KWA Authorized Resellers.

- New Additions -
With the recent BATFE approval of KWA’s LM4 PTR design, KWA can now proceed with production and distribution of the series in the United States. Many of today’s military and law enforcement service rifles are optimized for close quarter applications, thus creating the need for aKWA LM4C PTR compact training weapon. The upcoming LM4C PTR is the ideal choice with its shorter barrel. Features such as a fully functional bolt catch and realistic field stripping are standard, providing users with a safer alternative to an actual firearm. Street prices for the LM4 PTR Series is as follows: LM4 PTR $384.95, LM4C PTR $379.95, LM4 PTS Magpul Edition $479.95.

KWA AKG-74UKWA’s upcoming AKG GBBR series will include the full size AKG-74M as well as an AKG-74SU. The AKG-74SU is configured with a shorter barrel, unique fixed sights, and a side-folding metal stock. Specially designed magazines are included with every AKG rifle, allowing the rifle to be safely dry fired for demonstration purposes. Realistic field stripping and operation make the AKG series the ideal training weapons. The street price for both theKWA ATP AKG-74M and AKG-74SU is $379.95.

The ATP has become one of KWA’s best selling and popular pistols due to its simplicity and application as a training pistol for law enforcement and military personnel. To satisfy the overwhelming requests for a select fire variant, KWA will be introducing the ATP Auto.

The select fire option gives users the option to either fire in semi automatic or fully automatic. Like the original ATP, the ATP Auto will have modular back straps, accessory rail, and extended slide release. Expected street price is $149.95.

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