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KWA and Magpul PTS to release Electric Recoil Gun (ERG) series

KWA and Magpul PTS to release Electric Recoil Gun (ERG) series:
Las Vegas, NV and City of Industry, CA – January 17th, 2012 – Through an exclusive agreement with Magpul PTS, KWA will debut its RM4/RM16 ERGs (Electric Recoil Guns) under the Magpul PTS brand.

The ERG rifles will debut KWA’s next generation 3GX gearbox and patented KFS (Kinetic Feedback System). Building upon the time proven 2GX design, the 3GX platform features a new gearbox design and updated internal components. KFS generates simulated recoil with each shot fired, giving users a more realistic shooting experience.

KWA Magpul PTS ERG Series

Each rifle will feature a simulated bolt locking system that mimics the functions of the bolt catch in a M4/M16 rifle. After the last round has been fired, an electric cut-off system prevents the RM4/RM16 ERG from firing, indicating to the user when the magazine is empty. Once a loaded magazine is inserted and the bolt catch pressed, the rifle is ready to fire again. A KWA designed 30rd PMAG, incorporating the electric cut-off system, will be included with every RM4/RM16. Legacy PMAG and EMAG designs are compatible in the new rifles, but will not engage the electric cut-off system.

KWA Magpul PTS ERG Series

Every Magpul RM4/RM16 is equipped with KWA’s new precision hop-up. The new one-piece hop-up design allows for precision adjustment and improves overall effectiveness and consistency. To make hop-up adjustment easier, users can now lock the bolt plate and adjust the hop-up without the need to hold the charging handle to the rear.

KWA Magpul PTS ERG Series

Initial release will include the RM4/RM16 series rifles featuring Magpul’s unique lower receivers, complimented by MOE accessories. The series includes CQB, Scout, and SPR configurations.
Availability and pricing details will be announced at a later date. Products will be jointly distributed by Magpul PTS and KWA.

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