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Shot Show 2012: Airsoft Photo Gallery [ Live Updated ]

Shot Show 2012: Airsoft Photo Gallery [ Live Updated ]:
Shot Show 2012 is in full swing as of 2 hours ago and we will keep an eye out for all the images starting to stream in from the various airsoft manufacturers, distributors and media sources, hover over each image for description and attribution. This gallery will be continuously updated…

Magpul PTS Masada Sniper Variant - Airsoft ExtremeKWA Magpul PTS M4 GBB - Airsoft ExtremeKWA KRISS Vector GBB - KWAKWA RM4 PTS CQB ERG - KWAKWA 1911A1 GBB - KWAKWA AKG-74SU GBBR - KWAKWA MKV GBB - KWAKWA LM4C PTR GBBR - KWAKWA ATP GBB - KWATim from Airsoft GI holding the KWA Kriss Vector GBB - Airsoft GIKWA ATP Auto GBB - Airsoft ExtremeARES Stoner LMG - Airsoft ExtremeKWA CQR Mod1 AEG (new line of sub $200 AEG) - KWAKWA CQR Mod2 AEG (new line of sub $200 AEG) - KWAASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 - Airsoft MegastoreKWA Tokarev TT-33 - Airsoft GIKWA Makarov MKV GBB - Airsoft GIKWA M945C GBB - Airsoft Outlet NWKWA KRISS Vector GBB - Airsoft Outlet NWUmarex HK 416C - Airsoft ExtremeMagpul PTS brought a working prototype of the Magpul PTS PDR airsoft rifle. This ultra-compact CQB rifle is seriously one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen. The Magpul PDR was a project that never saw production, but Magpul PTS has greenlighted the PDR project. The first model seen here is the PDR-C. - Airsoft Outlet NW

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