quinta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2010

Introducing Camoholic

imageCamoholic is a camouflage obsessed manufacturer:

Dear Arnies Airsoft Members: We are a group of Airsoft freaks wanted to utilize camouflage pattern in their daily life.  We come up with some new products with attention in details.

Our first products are protective case for iPhone4 and iPad in five modern camo patterns as well as two solid colors.


The colors are:  A-Tacs, ACU, Desert Digital, Marpat and Multicam, as well as two solid colors: Desert Tan, Coyote Brown.  We only use Licensed camouflage coating.  I might also say the new A-Tacs goes very well with the Italian Vegetato camo.

We dare to say we have an edge over the others, we used solid Coyote Brown / Desert Tan polymer to make the product and we also show you the back with our printed logo.


The edges are chamfered and there is no nasty visible molding line you can see when you are holding the cases. 

The Solid color iPad case is coated with rubberized finishing to ensure a good hold and solid case i-phone case is finished with textured matted clear coat finish.


We also have a few projects underway and will update to the airsoft community when they are finished.  Please check our web site for more fun stuff.

Regards, Michael Tam, Camoholic Sales Manager.

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