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DeepFire M4 9” MRF-M CQB

DeepFire have sent in details of their new compact AEG, the M4 9” MRF-M CQB:

Close Combat Battle (CQB) has recently become the most favorable venue. Therefore, airsoft players believe that the AEGs length, weight and balance are very important when playing in CQBs.

DEEPFIRE proudly presents a small and compact AEG – M4 9” MRF-M CQB. This model offers two versions: one is the original hop-up system (Marui style) [DF-SW019] and the other one is the DEEPFIRE new hop-up system [DF-SW032]. M4 9” MRF-M CQB uses a 9-inch length MRF-M that has quarter rails and is free-float. The feature of this rail is that the top rail aligns perfectly with the flat top upper receiver. Players can take this AEG to join any games both indoor and outdoor because of its perfect length.


Even though the barrel length has been shortening, the DEEPFIRE new hop-up system has enhanced whole performance of this AEG. The DEEPFIRE new hop-up system is different to the previous version that has some changes on three sections. A thicker chamber packing improves a tighter seal between nozzle and hop-up set. A stainless steel chamber has a better seal so that position of the barrel will be more stable and will not be easily moved. A new hop-up roller packing has improved accuracy and long range. As a result, M4 9" MRF-M CQB can have a longer range and stability when shooting.


That two M4 9” MRF-M CQB versions assemble with full Titanium standard torque gear set to maintain better performance of the gearbox. They also feature a crane stock that is adjustable and has room for batteries.

DEEPFIRE M4 9” MRF-M CQB is not only a design of lightweight compact AEG, also a perfect size for both indoor and outdoor airsoft game. You can rely on this AEG to conquer the game!


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