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When Bored, Build Your Own Gun With Your iPhone

Gun Builder iPhone App 01

Since we're on the topic of iPhone apps that airsoft players can relate to, then I may as well mention to you this iPhone app which would not make you miss your airsoft guns at home while away. That is, if you're an iPhone user, which I am not. I am an Android user, while Optimus Prime does his work with his Android and iPhone, in fact he's got 4 phones to test apps actually.

Anyway, check this iPhone app called Gun Builder which is a paid app for US$0.99 at iTunes. While you might say that you can do the same at the Pimp My Gun website, this iPhone Gun Builder app in fact does more than the website. They have different creators, Pimp My Gun by Dr. Noob, and the Gun Builder App by Win Sheng Loh.

As I mentioned that the Gun Builder app does more than Pimp My Gun, it has many possibilities for you to work on. You can work on building pistols, Submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Just like Pimp My Gun, you can put rail accessory systems, accessories, and you can even change the color of the gun with different camo and color designs.

Even better, you can "test fire" your gun and bring it the firing range, The virtual optics work too and you can customize the aiming reticle. If you're not satisfied you can always go back to your gun workship and improve further on the look of the gun. You can personalize your gun by since you can engrave your name, your girlfriend's, or your dog's on it. Once satisfied, you can save the gun to your gun rack.

It's also a nice tool for you when you go to your favorite airsoft gunsmith and show your creation for him to customize a real airsoft gun for you. Rather than relying on photos and screenshots, you can remove the different parts of your customized gun for the gunsmith to identify the right parts to put them together. It's a very portable stuff indeed since it is installed in your iPhone. It also save you on thinking how parts and accessories go together than relying on a catalogue.

The app is updated often and is now on its ver. 1.4.  It is even a top rank paid app in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Austria. Optimus Prime is not satisfied with the iPhone version though as he prefers a bigger screen with his iPad. So he's hoping that developer makes a HD version to make him happy.

If you miss your guns while at work, just take a break and check your iPhone and let your creative juices flowing and create a new gun. The downside is, you might spend your salary on building a real custom airsoft gun when your virtual creation is to your liking. But then, airsoft retailers are more than happy to take your hard-earned money.

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