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ASG end their cooperation with Classic Army

ASG end their cooperation with Classic Army:

January has been a busy month for ASG:
And just today they’ve announced that after many years of partnership with Classic Army, they have decided to end their cooperation as of January 1st, 2013.
This means that ASG will no longer distribute any CA products, but will will keep servicing Classic Army products sold by ASG.
This also afects the use of the brands ArmaLite, Arsenal, B&T, D.S. Arms and Steyr Mannlicher, since Classic Army will no longer be able to use these trademarks on their products.
And by June 30th they will also lose the sub-license to the Izhmash brand.
Therefore, ASG’s main focus this year will be on pushing their own brand and licensed products.

For more information read the press release here.

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