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Action Sport Games – SHOT Show 2013

Action Sport Games – SHOT Show 2013:
ASG_Scorpion_Evo_A3_electric_airsoft_gunAction Sport Games, one of the premier European airsoft distributors, was at the 2013 SHOT Show displaying their upcoming US product line. The announcement that ASG will be distributing in the US brings a number of exclusively licensed airsoft items to our domestic airsoft market. Among these are the famed LMT, a number of B&T items, and some unique replicas including the CZ Scorpion.
Action Sport Games just recently moved into their US distribution center, and is expecting to be shipping within a month or so. Airsoft Outlet NW is excited to be carrying a number of new items, which should be available soon.
Number one among the prominent names is Brugger & Thomet, or B&T. ASG’s current B&T lineup includes a fully licensed MP9, as well as the MP9 QD suppressor. The MP9 models are OEM by KWA, and feature the proven NS2 gas system. The B&T MP9s add fully licensed trademarks to the receiver. The QD suppressor is specifically designed for the MP9, and will also fit the KWA KMP9. This allows for direct attachment to the SMG without a threaded barrel adapter. The MP9 suppressor includes an additional picatinny rail segment for attachment of a light or laser.
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The B&T selection also covers a set of full metal, licensed mock suppressors, or barrel extensions. The B&T ROTEX – III and ROTEX III C are aluminum mock suppressors with QD mounts.  These are designed to mount to a standard A2 flash hider, and include a -14mm flash hider for guaranteed mounting compatibility on any AEG. The original ROTEX series silencers are designed for M4 or M16 and SIG 552 or 551 rifles, while the replica barrel extensions are suitable for almost any AEG or GBB.
Another widely recognized name in ASG’s licensed arsenal is LMT, or Lewis Machine & Tool. One AEG with LMT markings, the LMT Defender RIS, is OEM by KWA. ASG’s international LMT line includes a full slate of KWA made airsoft guns. One of these is the LMT Defender4 S.I.R., which features the A.R.M.S. Selective Integrated Rail.
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The most unique item in the LMT series is their GL-06 standalone grenade launcher, as well as the LMT M203 models. For those looking for versatile firepower, the GL-06 is a grenade launcher pistol with an upper optics rail and a lower accessory rail for a grip. Or, for the certifiably crazy, attach an LMT M203 to your GL-06 and go to town.
In sniper rifles, ASG has the new ASW338LM, licensed by Ashbury Precision Ordnance. This sniper rifle system features a carbon fiber handguard with an uninterupped optics rail and a set of picatinny accessory rails. The AW338LM will be available as a spring rifle, and may have an optional gas conversion system. The rifle is feature packed, with a QD mock suppressor and folding, fully adjustable stock which includes a monopod.
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The rest of the sniper rifle lineup includes Accuracy International models, which are renowned for accuracy and versatility.

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