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KWA Central @ Operation Lion Claws XI

KWA Central @ Operation Lion Claws XI:
After last weeks Operation Lion Claws XI in Victorville, CA, I finally had a chance to sort through the pictures. Operation Lion Claws was certainly a blast being able to hang with the KWA Crew and the buddies as well as finally meet the other KWA moderators from the East Coast, gcw360 and niko_gpsy! I also have a several photos to share of all the prototypes and production models displayed at the KWA Booth. If you ever want to see and handle any of the prototypes in person just find KWA at their next destination! Enjoy!

KWA Allizard, Greatwatermelon, gcw360, niko_gpsy, DRK, Viet

1st display box

2nd display box

3rd display box

M945C, ATP Auto, MKV (Makarov)

MKV (Makarov)

ATP Auto

M945 Compact

1911A1 US ARMY

Kriss Vector


RM16 SPR, RM4 Scout, RM4 CQB, LM4 Magpul Edition

CQR Mod 1, CQR Mod 2

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