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KWA's H&K MP7 *UPDATE* Video Included:

The German H&K MP7 is a scaled down version of an assualt rifle intended to bring a powerful punch in a close quarters situation. Many of the internals such as the "action" are also found in the G36 assualt rifle. The MP7 is the SMG of choice for many Police and anti-terrorist groups in Europe, as well as the US DEVGRU groups.



Overall Length (Retracted) = 38 cm [14.96"]
Overall Length (Extended) = 60 cm [23.62"]
Overall Height = 26 cm [10.24"]
Inner Barrel Length = 160 mm
Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05 mm
Weight = 2.13 kg [4.7 lbs]
Caliber = 6 mm
Magazine Capacity = 20 [40] rounds
Rate of Fire = 20+ RPS
Velocity = 110-116 MPS [360-380 FPS]
Energy Output with 0.20g BB = 1.2 Joules
Gas System = FV

Special Features

Official Heckler & Koch licensed product
Folding front grip
Trigger safety
Flip up adjustable front and rear sight
Semi and Full Auto selective fire
Retractable shoulder stock
Metal Picatinny accessory rails
Fiber reinforced polymer body
Functional cocking handle with realistic bolt movements


I had been eying KWA's MP7 for several months, hoping to add it to my Designated Marksman Rifle(DMR) kit. With the 100ft restriction to my upgraded SR-10, I wanted something with power, range and accuracy. Something more than a GBB Pistol would provide. So, I put this bad boy on my Christmas list, and counted down the days till Santa would come to town. Christmas morning came, and flashbacks from my youth emerged as I eagerly awaited my turn to open up my presents. It turns out, that Santa heeded my wishes and granted me with the SMG I had been wanting.

As I pull my MP7 out of it's box, the first thing I notice is the weight of the gun. While the body is made of reinforce polymer, the Internals, rails, barrel and stock arms are all made up of metal, giving this more then a solid feel, while keeping it light weight for use as a secondary. The charging handle, grip/grip lock button, selector switch and stock butt are all made of polymer. The retractable stock has only two positions, in or out, but adds to its conceal-ability. The grip is permanent, but has a lock that keeps it in the up or down position. There are 3 metal rails; a top rail that spans the length of the gun, and two side rails w/7 available slots. 

A very cool bonus feature are the included sights. In the "down" position, these sights act like the 3 dot sights you find on pistols. You are then able to flip the sights "up" to give yourself iron-sights. Both sights are removable, and the rear sights are adjustable in both modes, giving you added flexibility without having to purchase after market sights. 

Internally, the MP7 includes everything that you have come to expect from KWA. The charging handled/slide catch gives an added feature of realism. The bolt remains open when you've fire your last BB. This sometimes causes a problem if your BBs are not perfectly lined up in the magazine. The spring guide also has a button to add tension to the BBs in the magazine once you've loaded the BBs. 

The Hop-Up is located in the front of the replica, just above the barrel and requires an included tool to adjust it. This concerns me for two reasons. First, if you loose your tool, you will have to buy this specific tool, possibly from KWA only, as I have not seen this tool on any airsoft web sites. Second, the placement of the hop-up can potentially place the adjusters hand in front of the barrel. Although potentially dangers, this is the least of either concern as common sense and muzzle/selector control will keep you safe.

The MP7 comes with your standard Semi-Auto and Full-Auto selections and features a powerful blow back feature. Every publication on this product states that it has a velocity of 370 fps with rate of fire at 20 RPS. Out of the box, I was easily shooting 380-400 (see video below), with a 12 second count on the green gas. The manual states to fill the Magazine until you get a small amount of liquid coming from the port. After a 12 second count, I was able to unload the magazine, re-load it, and get another 15-20 shots before I was out of gas. So needless to say, I have not found the need to completely "fill" the magazine. 


I took the MP7 out to our 13 acre field where we have mid-range to long distance engagements. This gun is easily deadly from 200 ft away! Now, I have read that the gun tends to jam on fully auto at about the 10th/11th shot. The only time the gun failed to fire, is when I had not properly aligned the BBs inside the magazine, and the bolt remained open as if the magazine was empty. Again, the blow back feature is excellent. I do not own a GBBR, but I definitely see the appeal. I also see the downside, as the magazine for the MP7 run from $32 (low cap) to $40.00-$49.99 (48rd) magazine. 

I live in Florida, so cold weather is MAYBE an issue for all of a few weeks. However, I tested the gun in 40 degree Fahrenheit while I had the chance. I left the gun, magazine w/BBs and the (KWA) green gas can outside for 30 minutes. I then test fired in both semi-auto and full-auto, without a loss in power or RPS (see second video below.) The gun still fired accurately from a distance of 100ft.(distance of range) and maintained its RPS and with MAYBE a loss of 10-20 FPS.


In closing, the KWA's H&K MP7 is an excellent choice for mid-range to close encounters in the field situation. Unless your arena allows 400fps, this will have to remain on the field. It can hold its on as a primary weapon, or add a HUGE punch as a secondary to your DMR or Sniper kits.

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