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V2 spring guide design for AEGs from Speed Airsoft

V2 spring guide design for AEGs from Speed Airsoft:

Speed Airsoft have released a new v2 spring guide design:

SPEED Airsoft releases its own V2 spring guide design for AEGs

SPEED Airsoft releases their new V2 spring guide (Part# SA3038) design that utilizes ballistic nose geometry to further improve smoother spring cycling.


During the compression stage of the spring, it does not always compress in a straight form, but often offset in different coil zones that changes every time you pull the trigger. The low friction brass made new SPEED V2 spring guide has a ballistic shape that allows the spring coils to pass through smoothly.

Fully compatible with V2 standard AEG gear boxes.

For more info, contact SPEED Airsoft at or visit their web site at

(Speed Airsoft)

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