segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2011

New nozzle with AFS for GHK PDW from FG-Airsoft

New nozzle with AFS for GHK PDW from FG-Airsoft:

French manufacturers FG-Airsoft have a new nozzle for the GHK PDW:

Hi, I want to inform you that we have added to our website a nozzle with AFS (adjustable flow system) for GHK PDW.

Using a screw at the front of the nozzle and accessible through the ejection port, the speed of the BBs can be adjusted easily, stably and accurately.


Adjustment range measured with propane at 25 ° C with 0.2 g of BBs: from 200 to 360 fps (These values ​​are given for information only, and may vary depending of the conditions of use).


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