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    This is the comparison between two of the top rated tactical plate carriers used by airsoft and real steel operators alike. North Star Tactical is a sister manufacturer operatintg in the same factory as Voodoo Tactical gear usually running in the above $200.00 range. where as OE-Tech is the same being made by Condor Outdoor. Where as the North Star MPC Modular Plate Carrier and the Condor MOPC Modular Operator Plate Carrier share certain attributes they still differ signifiganty Especially in sizing. the north Star/Voodoo fits Operators from the age of 9 to 95 in the small to 2xl range. where the Condor/ OE-Tech MOPC fits the same age group but has virtually infinate size adjustability. Both are a big bang for your tactical dollar. Constructed with high stress and high quality in mind. both may be purchased at with our proven track record of quality gear at super fast delivery to your home. come get yours today!

  • CyberGun Sig Sauer X5 P226 CO2 BlowBack Airsoft Pistol Review
    Buy it here:

  • Airsoft GI – Great Big Run Through Airsoft GI Warehouse – Tim – MILSIM Sniper Gear
    Bob had so much fun during the run, Tim had to give it a try. Tim has 3 minutes to grab a MILSIM Sniper load out and anything else he can get his hands on.

  • Solitary Complete
    All ten parts collected together, in high(ish) definition!

  • Element M300 Scout Tac-Light Review
    Mark looks at another light from the Element range available from

  • Cold Steel New American Lawman: "Lighter, Faster LE" by Nutnfancy
    Lighter, Faster, and Better. That’s the New model of the Cold Steel American Lawman. I rightly criticized the previous version for being too heavy and I am stoked to report this version fixes that by dispenses with the unnecessary steel liners. Weight on the redesigned CS Lawman is now 4.4 oz. Other improvements include a radiused and rounded handle, deeper finger grooves, a solid clip, and seemingly faster deployment (might just be my perception). Other already-cool features soldier on: excellent high-traction G10 handle, great thumbstud (reversible!), good quality AUS8A steel (razor sharp from box, easy to sharpen, tough), 6061 aluminum backspacer, and the proven and ultra-strong Demko Triad locking mechanism. In the compact tactical blade POU, this blade will rock. Expect long term solidity out of this lock, even after rough use. Blade shape is still the very desired clip with an adequately strong tip. Blade centering is perfect in this example as well. And I will correct the video and say it should do so as well in EDC roles as well. If it’s still too big or chunky for you, you might opt for the small American Lawman at just 2.6 oz. Value is very high if you can score it around $45 (for full sized, $40 US for small Lawman). About the only downside I can detect is the broad width of the design. But other than the new Cold Steel American Lawman completes a winning re-design of some of the company’s best, hard use tactical folders and it provides amazing utility for the price. //////////// Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 out of 10 (price considered)/////////////// Music:

  • Airsoft *NEW* A&K SVD semi-auto sniper rifle

    FIRST A&K SVD in the USA!
    Uses the $500 Real Sword System for a fraction of the price!
    [Price is currently undisclosed until official release of this rifle]

    Weight: 14.5 pounds
    Dimensions: 51" x 11.2" x 4"
    Velocity: 396 FPS (Upgradeable)
    Effective Range: 60-80 meters
    Capacity: 96 Round SVD Magazine Included
    Recommended Battery: 8.4v 1200 mAh
    Barrel Length: 690mm. Outer Diameter: 8.06 / Inner Diameter: 6.05

    Additional Info:
    One piece, aluminum outer barrel
    7mm Bearings
    4 system Steel Gear Set
    Reinforced Piston
    2011 Stainless steel cylinder.
    2011 Stainless steel sprig guide.

    The SVD (Russian: Снайперская винтовка Драгунова, Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, lit. "Dragunov sniper rifle") is a semi-automatic sniper rifle designed by the Soviet Union and entered into service in 1963. In China, the SVD was produced under license as the Type 79 and later the Type 85. Many variations of this well-known rifle have seen service all over the globe in conflicts large and small.

    This is the first model in the USA. Additional information will be provided when we get the product in stock! Don’t forget…you’ve seen it first at!

  • Leo Fong at Eskabo Daan
    Legendary Leo Fong teaching at Eskabo Daan in San Francisco with GM Michael Giron, GM Malmo, and GM Robert Castro.

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – King Arms Colt M4 MOE MAGPUL AEG Rifle + Shooting Course – MAGPUL WEEK 1 OF 3
    King Arm Colt M4 MOE Magpul Rifle review + shooting course. Part 1 of our 3-part MAGPUL WEEK special AMS-TV series. Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3!

    Link to gun:


    Link to gun:

  • Airsoft Review Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer 552 AEG
    The Tokyo Marui Sig 552 is a great, compact CQB gun. It also works well in the field since the Marui guns have an excellent hop up system.

    Follow this gun as it travels the country @

    Check out Merc’s Airsoft for the first couple videos of this gun.

    Check out my new channel.

  • GHK AKM Gas Blowback Rifle – eHobbyAsia Airsoft
    Grab it on hand you will feel the solid steel construction with real wood furniture just like holding a real AK
    Realism AK simulated surface finishing
    Unlike the Inokatsu’s / LCT’s AEG, GHK redesign the internal & reproduce the mold.
    Full steel gas magazine
    "Robust & Rigid" is the only words we can describe its quality

    - Reinforced Gas Blow Back System
    - 21mm Enlarged Nozzle (20% larger than WA 18mm nozzle) is offer even stronger airflow & recoil than previous WA system
    - Realistic black-anodize steel magazine shell

  • Stay tuned for more vids soon!
    Shwell on FB:!/pages/Shwell/206419069386631

  • New ASG co2 pistols – CZ p75 and the CZ Duty One 1911
    We look at some rather outstanding new co2 driven pistols from MainIrishAirsoft

  • Questions to Nutnfancy, Mar 2011, Part 1
    Come on along as I frankly discuss issues in The Nutnfancy Project which my friends across the world may have wondered about. Covered here: why so hard to contact you, ego issues, television offers and will you go there (Discovery, History Channels), creative vision, blocking and comment deletion, stages of production, vision for the Project, and my ever-present "Scarcity of Time." I think you guys will like it. Thanks for all the support!

  • Redwolf Airsoft – IWA 2011 ICS Booth
    Stopping by at the ICS booth, we spotted a handful of various new models for 2011. AEG FNC, M3 Grease Gun, Sig 552, MX5 and Galil all with innovative ICS engineering so they have nifty features like burst fire and internal battery storage.

  • オペフラ「RED RIVER」開発者からのコメント
    2011年夏に発売を控えた『OPERATION FLASHPOINT: RED RIVER』の続報が、発売元コードマスターズより届いた。ストイックなまでに、そしてどこまでも忠実に再現されたバーチャル戦場の醍醐味が今回届けられた資料からも垣間見ることができる。

  • Redwolf Airsoft – IWA 2011 Cybergun Booth
    We get around to the enormous Cybergun booth to check out the various AEGs, GBBs, rifles, pistols, spray paint, electronic targets, IPSC champion, special issue weapons and various other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

  • Menace Airsoft North Star Tactical Modular Operator Plate Carrier Overview
    This isw a short rundown of my son Padawans kit. a North Star Tactical Modular Operator Plate Carrier in Olive Drab. this is an amazing kit to build from hands dow a serious competitor for condor or Eagle Industries. this is no knock off clone here. It’s a true to life Operators Vest.

  • MARUI Stainless Hi-Capa 5.1
    MARUI Stainless Hi-Capa 5.1

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