sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2011


As many military and tactical training experts will tell you, the biggest flaw with hook and loop fastener (more commonly known by the brand name Velcro) is that it is extremely noisy when used. Maintaining noise discipline in a tactical environment is absolutely critical in order to avoid detection by the enemy. It is very difficult to retain that element of surprise if you create a loud "RIIIIP" sound every time you draw a magazine that can be heard from thousands of meters away.

We here at Zulu Nylon Gear are very excited to announce a solution to this problem, a new type of hook and loop fastener! SILENT RIP provides all the handy features afforded by typical milspec hook and loop without the telltale sounds that give you away! This new material is so silent you need to hear it for yourself to believe it which is why we put together this video to demonstrate:


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