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SOCOMGEAR – Cheytac M200 disassembly and spring change

SocomGear have two new videos for their Cheytac M200:

For all SOCOM Cheytac M200 fans!

SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 – Disassembly Tutorial

How to disassemble your SOCOM Gear fully licensed Cheytac M200 airsoft rifle.
NOTE:*Spring Tension WILL affect C02 discharge level. Performance will vary and is not guaranteed, including full magazine discharge.*

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbhAxsygtYM&hl=en&hd=1]

SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 – Spring Change Tutorial

How to change the spring on your SOCOM Gear fully licensed Cheytac M200 airsoft rifle.
NOTE: *Spring Tension WILL affect C02 discharge level. Performance will vary and is not guaranteed, including full magazine discharge.*

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CzghdF5N9g&hl=en&hd=1]


MadBull PWS Mk-110 / Mk-112 Rails FDE

MadBull PWS Mk-110 / Mk-112 Rails FDE

MadBull Airsoft announced yesterday that these are now available... "This innovative hand guard system by PWS utilizes a proprietary non-free float system that allows the end user or unit armorer to replace individual rails as needed without removing the barrel, barrel nut or even other rails. This system allows the user to attach numerous Picatinny rail mounted devices such as sights, lights, and laser aiming devices.


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Airsoft Megastore TV Sniper Rifle Reviews

Airsoft Megastore TV Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review

Grab this good list of videos just released by Airsoft Megastore TV... "Hey Guys! We've go exciting news! This week we bring to you "Bolt Action Sniper Rifle" week. We show you a wide range of bolt action sniper rifles. Five of them to be exact. Below you’ll find the links to our newest episodes and reviews shot in full 1080P HD for your viewing pleasure.

Spartan Imports – Tech Bulletin, King Arms Colt M4 GBB

Important Technical Bulletin!  Please click on image below to download a printable PDF version of this bulletin.

Technical Bulletin - Please Read!

Tokyo Marui : Aug Shorty, G36 RIS EBB, Beretta STARS, …

Les habitudes ont la vie dure chez Tokyo Marui, comme à chaque fin de mois d’Avril le fabricant nous offre en effet un petit aperçu des nouveautés qui seront présentées lors du 50ème Shizuoka Hobby Show – salon qui se tiendra du 13 au 15 Mai 2011 au Japon. Il s’agirait donc d’après Psychos (qui nous a signalé l’information, merci à lui) d’un Steyr Aug Shorty avec RIS, d’une déclinaison du G36 EBB avec un RIS (C ou K?), d’un Beretta STARS édition Chris Redfield à l’occasion des 15 ans de Resident Evil et d’un dérivé de 1911/Hi-Capa.

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3 things you should know about airsoft bushings & bearings

Raptors Airsoft have a new blog article about bushings and bearings:

Raptors Airsoft has a new article on their blog about airsoft bushings and bearings 3 Things You Should Know About Airsoft Bushings And Bearings.

Thanks, Mike (Raptors Airsoft)

Crye Precision Launches Redesigned Website

Crye Precision 700px

I don't know if you have noticed recently about the new look of the website of Crye Precision, the company behind the Multicam Pattern. While it's not a radical departure from the previous website. They've got the G3 combat pants with improvements on the kneww pads that everybody loves. The elbow pads for the shirts are more of a simple insert in black now.

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Official SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 Video

SOCOM Gear CheyTac M200 Vidcap

Time to drool with this newly released video of the SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 shell ejecting airsoft sniper rifle... "The Cheytac M200 Intervention rifle by SOCOM Gear is fully licensed and the only true 1:1 scale replica in the airsoft market. Much like its real counterpart this rifle is second to none. Often imitated but never duplicated.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

S-Thunder interview, grenade & land mine reviews & news

imageS-Thunder have sent in a collection of links and videos containing news and reviews of their grenades and land mines as well as a video interview from AATV:

S-Thunder has new video interview & video reviews of its milsim gear including,

- M203 style 40mm grenade shells (short and long barrel)
- foam ball grenade shells
- military training land mines

Gregor, Wolfgang & Richard of AATV (www.aatv.at) of Austria did an interview with S-Thunder at the recent IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany here,

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG1Dw0JDZBs&hl=en&hd=1]

Jarek of RedDragon Airsoft (www.reddragonairsoft.net) did a full series of video reviews & tests of S-Thunder’s milsim gear here,

- M203 style 40mm Grenade Shells & Grenade Launchers

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qqZi05yzAQ&hl=en&hd=1]

- 40mm Foam Ball Grenade Shell – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_UM1feSuY0&

- Full review of the S-Thunder series of Military Training Land Mines – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv8_SPv5WdI

Jarek in his review says "WOW!  That’s REALLY REALLY LOUD, it had a lot of recoil… S-Thunder indeed has the LOUDEST GRENADES IN THE MARKET… & they handle CO2 better than my Mad Bull Grenades…"

Aderonn of Aderonn Airsoft (aderonnairsoft.net)

- Water Spraying Military Training Land Mine

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3V0EflKVpo&hl=en&hd=1]

Social Paintball (www.socialpaintball.com),

- Step & Release Military Training Land Mine

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ8h9yjpIic&hl=en&hd=1]

Shootzone (www.shootzone.com) of France review,

- Water Spraying Military Training Land Mine

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dysbbf7q95g&hl=en&hd=1]

S-Thunder’s Director of Business Development, Yu-Hon Li commented that "…S-Thunder’s military simulation gear for paintball players and airsoft players have been in the market for a little over one year now and we are very pleased with market’s reception of our products.  At IWA in Nuremberg, we had a very successful show and we will soon announce many more distributors of our products worldwide in addition to the 25+ distributors / wholesalers we work with worldwide…".

Regarding the growth of S-Thunder, Yu-Hon Li makes special note that professional users of S-Thunder’s products are growing as well…"…though one of our main business focuses has been to offer a range of milsim gear for recreational airsoft and paintball players, we had a lot of visitors to our exhibit at the IWA Show who are involved in tactical training, law enforcement and the military.  Of special interest to them were our reusable land mines as the found our products to be durable, yet affordable for infantry training and land mine removal training.  Currently, S-Thunder’s land mines being evaluated by the military in Europe and South America and we look forward to growing this part of the market as well as our hope is that our products will be able to help train military personnel and help personnel avoid injury in battlefields around the world.  Our powerful grenade shells are also being considered for use for riot control needs and many found that our paintball markers were very good replica of the firearms they currently use and would be a good device to train with as well."

The S-Thunder TEAM (S-Thunder Limited)

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G&G « Show Yourself 2011 » : Concours photo

Le fabricant G&G lance l’édition 2011 de son traditionnel concours photos annuel « Show Yourself » – l’association d’un concours vidéo comme l’an passé n’a pas été renouvelée. Le principe reste le même, il s’agit de mettre en scène un ou plusieurs produits G&G. Un vote départagera les clichés, et les vainqueurs remporteront de 1 à 3 répliques de leur choix au catalogue de la marque. Cette dernière pourra réutiliser les photos dans leur catalogue 2012. Tous les détails sur Guay2.com/show_yourself/.

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NEW From Madbull: PWS and Daniel Defense Wrenches

These AR tools are designed to be used with Daniel Defense and Primary Weapon Systems barrel nuts and rails.
Properly install, seat, and mount your delta ring with the MadBull PWS wrench or MadBull Daniel Defense wrench.

- Fully licensed by Daniel Defense and PWS, respectively.
- PWS Wrench to be used with but not limited to the Diablo, Mk110, Mk112, and other PWS rail systems.
- Daniel Defense Wrench to used with but not limited to the RIS II, AR Lite, and Omega series free float rail systems.
- Steel construction.

Sneak Peak: Barrett licensed REC7 kits will be available soon from MadBull!

MadBull Airsoft is proud to announce the Daniel Defense /  Barrett Firearms collaboration to bring you the complete Daniel Defense fore-end  incorporating the world famous Barrett REC7 gas system.

MadBull kit includes fully licensed Daniel Defense outer barrel, Daniel Defense Omega X free float rail system, and Barrett REC7 gas block piston system.

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Warsoft Mag n°19

Découverte de la couverture du 19ème numéro de Warsoft Mag ! A la une pour Mai-Juin 2011 le compte rendu du dernier salon allemand de l’IWA 2011, l’occasion de (re)découvrir les nouveautés des distributeurs européens. Sont également au sommaire « une rubrique technique consacrée au montage d’un nouveau canon de précision et hop-up pour le SVD A&K ; les tests des HEAT X-703, LMT Defender 16 CQB KWA/ASG, M14 EBR et Blackhawk GBB-r réalisés par Law Airsoft sur base WE, du lance-grenade M79 King Arms, de la Winchester 1873 KTW, du Tracer rechargeable de Guay Guay Armament, ainsi que des sacs Dispatch Bag de Flyye et Camelback Linchpin ».

Outre notre compte-rendu de ce rendez-vous germanique, dans ce numéro vous retrouverez notre rubrique technique, cette fois consacrée au montage d’un canon précision et d’un nouveau bloc hop-up sur le SVD Dragunov « spring » d’A&K/ASG, nos tests des
Sont également au menu de ce Warsoft #19 les comptes-rendus des OP Père-Noël de la FédéGN, Anaconda, Another Reality, ainsi que de la journée caritative organisée par le RIF au profit du Secours Populaire, ou bien encore l’hommage de la BNA 44 aux commandos fusiliers marins. Nous vous présenterons aussi la maquette grandeur nature d’un hélicoptère Bell UH-1 Iroquois « Huey » édifiée sur le terrain de Don’Ry Beach , la tenue originale Austcam de la Razorback. Dans la série des scenarii WWII signés Néo035, vous découvrirez « la bataille des Ardennes ». Enfin vous retrouverez les aventures de « Faust », le héros de la BD signée Léonidas Herrera, ainsi que les bons conseils de Grizzly !

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Inokatsu – Vidéo de présentation du Colt 1911

Conformément à ses habitudes, Redwolf Airsoft assure la promotion de la prochaine grosse sortie du fabricant Inokatsu : une réplique du Colt M1911 ’70 destiné aux collectionneurs, afin de célébrer le 100ème anniversaire du célèbre pistolet imaginé par Colt. Nous n’apprenons toutefois pas grand chose dans cette vidéo de présentation, excepté la confirmation de la qualité de reproduction des détails et marquages de la réplique, ainsi qu’un kick qui semble à la hauteur ( du moins en CO2 ).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34hDRkmfXj8&fs=1&hl=fr_FR&rel=0]

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Two new videos from RA-Tech

RA-Tech have two new videos for you this weekend:

RA-TECH has done two latest videos as follows.

WE SCAR steel super bolt & Top M4 metal shell prototype Review

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giW9mAxiT6w&hl=en&hd=1]

WE M14 steel upper receiver and slide cover & M40 version wood stock for vsr-10 Review

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-wz5kQKjyM&hl=en&hd=1]


Gas Blow Back Rifle Sneak Previews

PeopleAirsoft.com - M16A1 Gas Blow Back Rifle Sneak Preview

People Airsoft uploaded two new videos giving you previews of two upcoming gas blowback airsoft rifles: an M16A1, and their previously mentioned L85/SA80 bullpup assault rifle... "It has been quite some time since our last inside look but Jason, from being deep under cover has provided another look at new up coming gas blow back rifles!"

quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

Thompson de Oro y Plata

King Arms ha anunciado que pondrá a la venta dos nuevas versiones de la marcadora Thompson M1928 Chicago, con número de serie, marcajes a láser y gearbox con rodamientos de 9mm. Lo más curioso, los colores de los acabados: oro o plata.

PeopleAirsoft.com–Gas blow back rifle sneak previews

PeopleAirsoft.com have a sneak preview of a new GBB rifle:

It has been quite some time since our last inside look but Jason, from being deep under cover has provided another look at new up coming gas blow back rifles!



Western Arms nouveautés 21.04.2011

Une fois n’est pas coutume, fin de mois rime avec nouvelle fournée de répliques à découvrir chez Western Arms. Comme d’habitude on retrouvera beaucoup de répliques type 1911 inspirés par les modèles de différentes firmes ( Wilson Combat, BAER ) ou films ( Piège en Haute Mer, Starsky & Hutch ), mais également un V10 Ultra-Compact, un Kimber UCP II, un Beretta M1934 ou encore un nouvel Infinity. Le tout est à découvrir en images dans la suite !

Western Arms Colt M1911A1 Classic « Under Siege » – 314€ (Infos)

Western Arms Springfield V10 Ultra-Compact – 284€ (Infos)

Western Arms Kimber Ultra Carry Pistol II – 277€ (Infos)

Western Arms Rock Island Armory Commander « Starsky » – 284€

Western Arms Baer 1911 Monolith – 284€ (Infos)

Western Arms Beretta M1934 AJAX Pearl Grip – 224€ (Infos)

Western Arms Wilson Combat Protector – 262€ (Infos)

Western Arms Wilson Combat Outrage – 269€ (Infos)

Western Arms SV Infinity Single – 262€ (Infos)

Western Arms Colt M1911 « Chateau Thierry » DX WWI – 434€ (Infos)

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Problems Of Improper Gearbox Shimming

Gearbox with SC Dual Sector Gear View

A new entry at the Raptors Airsoft blog which explains the issues regarding shimming your airsoft gearbox improperly. It's a concise and clear story for those who want to be experts at airsoft gun maintenance, especially for AEGS. "Shimming your gearbox correctly is the most important task you are faced with when upgrading your AEG.

quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 20, 2011

  • Buy G&P Flashlight Get Tactical Pouch FREE at eHobbyAsia.com

    G&P Scorpion R500 / R500S / R500M Series Handheld Light
    - 5 Colors Available

    Buy any compatible G&P Flashlight, you can get this pouch FREE from eHobbyAsia.com NOW!!
    check it out: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=EA3GIFT&x=24&y=12&cat=78

  • Madbull Max Bamboo Rail Cover – eHobby Asia Airsoft
    - Extra Soft Rubber
    - Ergonomic design

    Check it out: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/r-i-s-r-a-s/rail-cover/madbull-max-tactical-bamboo-rail-cover-black.html

  • Redwolf Airsoft – CED M2 Chrono + IR Set
    The Competitive Edge Dynamics M2 Chrono Set is a top of the line Chronograph system made use in professional competition shooting leagues. It is not as mobile as your typical Airsoft Chrono but for events and sites the accuracy, performance and extended options of the CED M2 are invaluable.

    CED M2 Chronograph Set (CED-M2)


    CED Infrared Screen Set (CED-ISS)


  • CQC7 Part 2: Airsoft CQC/CQB Competition, Hostage Scenario
    Close Quarters Combat 7 was a team-based Airsoft CQC/CQB competition for teams of 6-12 operators. Each team faced 3 unique scenarios. In this scenario, the teams are challenge to rescue a well-guarded hostage in the basement of a meat packing plant, before it’s too late. She’s being interrogated by the mafia, if they can’t buy her testimony, this walk-in freezer may become her grave.

  • MAGPUL PTS MASADA ACR CQB Railed AEG – eHobby Asia
    EA Custom MAGPUL PTS Masada ACR AEG
    – Equipped Aluminum Alloy Railed Handguard & 11.5inch CQB Barrel Type
    – Include Blackout 51T Flash Hider & MBUS Front & Rear Sight


    2011 Brand New PTS Products:
    AFG2 (Angled Fore Grip) & Real Size Masada Handguard

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – Bolt Action Shooting – Mauser SR22
    David Tests the Mauser SR22 for distance without a scope. Targets are arranged at 25′, 50′, 75′, and 100′ Feet.

    This is the First of 5 Sniper Rifle Demo’s following the AMS TV segment called "Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review – Mauser SR22, X28, SVD, M14, SR-01A". Enjoy!

  • (Airsoft Tactics) How to stack up and move
    http://RainbowOps.com & http://CategoryAirsoft.com
    Gulk from the RAINBOW airsoft team explains how to properly stack up and move as a team.

    This tactic can be used a lot in the CQB airsoft environment. If you practice these tips and show them to your team, you guys will dominate the airsoft field.

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review – Mauser SR22, X28, SVD, M14, SR-01A
    AMS TV Presents a nice over view of some of the best Bolt Action Sniper Rifles on the Market. History, Real-Steal Facts, and Airsoft Specifice for: Mauser SR22 – Tactical SR-01A – X28 MilForce – A&K SSR – AGM M14.

  • Redwolf Airsoft – Inokatsu Colt 1911 Preview Trailer HD
    Inokatsu celebrates 100 years of Colt’s 1911 with their much awaited Airsoft version. Constructed from steel inside and out, and machined to precision from the blueprints provided by Colt, this is the most realistic gas blowback Airsoft pistol ever. This sneak peak trailer shows the WW2 version. Stainless and blue steel finish versions will also be available. Fully endorsed and licensed by Colt Manufacturing USA, this is a pistol for the discerning collector who wants nothing but the best. It’s as real as it gets….

    Two years in the making and coming soon later this year. Check for updates at www.redwolfairsoft.com

  • "Wilderness Spear in Action" by Nutnfancy
    Here is the spear that I said was screaming to get out. That was in my March 2009 review of the now-discontinued Cold Steel Warhead dagger/survival blade. Hopefully you bought one then. Covered in detail in that review (annotated), the Warhead gets a workout against cardboard and wood here with friend Cr0cket20, helping in the spear chuckin’ duties. The Warhead does not disappoint. It could become a deadly weapon for dispatching game in traps and even close quarter battle. The 1055 medium carbon steel is ideal in its application, the knife is tough and does not break. The tip bends a bit when slammed into a stump cross grain but that is to be expected and was addressed in the review. It can be straightened as well. Attachment to a sturdy and mostly straight wilderness shaft is simple but you will have to work at affixing it tightly. There are several methods to do this but the ones shown functioned well (tight wrapping of 550 cord would be another). Expect it to loosen some in use and after long term storage. But as shown here this wilderness works about as expected which is to say, it’s an amazing survival value. The Cold Steel Warhead then is (was) indeed the most portable survival spear.//////////////Music licensed to TNP from Dan-O at www.danosongs.com

  • Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun ICS Sig 551 Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-
    Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun ICS Sig 551 Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-

    Prodigy from ASTKilo23 reviews the Cybergun ICS Sig 551 for Airsoft Hero. You can purchase the gun at:


    And you can check out the Airsoft Hero youtube page at:



  • Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47 60th Anniversary Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-
    Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47 60th Anniversary Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-

    Pridogy from ASTKilo23 reviews the Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47 60th anniversary for Airsoft Hero.
    The rifle is available at:


    You can also check out the Airsoft Hero youtube page at:



  • Airsoft GI – KWA M226 PTP NS2 Gas Blowback Pistol
    The KWA M226 has been a long awaited release. Bob has already done a shooting video where you can see this pistol in action, but now lets go more in depth about this exciting gun.

  • Airsoft GI – Bob & Eric from KWA talk about KWA GBB Pistols at OPRS 2
    KWA is one of the most popular airsoft companies in the world. Bob was lucky to grab a short interview with one of the KWA players at Operation Red Storm

  • TSS is Back in Orlando
    That is right, they are officially Back. This Mongi Guy really does exist. Nice guy. Talked to him briefly about his involvement in the Community, and his plans for the future. According to him, there are big things on the horizon with an unknown Super Retailer…. shhhh!


  • The North Atlantic Airsoft Expo – Part 2
    Barry and Nick show some additional footage and interviews from the 2011 NAA Expo. RFR takes a poll of the favorite aspects of airsoft and the best features of this year’s NAA Expo. Whether it is the comradery, training value, technical-thinking of the game or the realism of the weapons and historical replicas, what is YOUR favorite aspect of airsoft?

  • Menace Airsoft Answers Questions About Airsoft Guns And Gear Episode 2
    Another episode from Menace Media on qusetions and comments left on all of our videos.

  • RA-TECH How to install kc-02 sniper version.
    RA-TECH How to install kc-02 sniper version.

  • RA-TECH How to install kc-02 M1 CARBINE kit.avi
    RA-TECH How to install kc-02 M1 CARBINE kit

  • "Getting Stoned with Yoda" Ruger GP100 Trigger Job
    Tune up your Ruger GP100 with a trigger job from master gunsmith Terry G from Impactguns (callsign "Yoda" for his Jedi expertise). From the box, the excellent Ruger GP100 is an outstanding, high value 357 Magnum service revolver. It’s accurate, tough, durable, reliable, and fun to shoot. It should last forever. However the trigger isn’t perfect and needs work for increased speed and higher hit probability at extended ranges, at least when doing speed drills in double action mode. Here I show Terry G working his magic on the innards of a GP100 and we discuss his techniques. I am struck by the complexity of this job compared to the a S&W job but go ahead and try it yourself if so inclined; we include plenty of information for you to do just that. Then PFIDude shows up and we have some entertaining discussions on S&W Performance Center variances, 3-shot burst modes, time travel, another gunsmith who screwed up a PFI customer gun, and the part-time production realities of TNP. This was filmed in Dec 2010 and awaited posting until I had thoroughly tested the Yoda GP100 trigger in tactical shooting. Shown at the end and in other videos, the trigger job is outstanding and highly recommended for the $65 spent.////////////////////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw///////////GunsmithTerry G at Impactguns can be contacted for jobs at: terryg@impactguns.com, ph 801-393-2474, Extension 306

The Ghost Cam Is Finally Here. Boo!

Blücher Systems Ghost Poncho

BBHead, one of our readers, gave us a heads up at a recent story posted at Defense Review. The article did catch our interest and we dug more to find out about the company behind this.

ASC AGM M4A1 Review & Fake Fox Knives

AGM M4A1 Carbine AEG ASC

Airsoft Community Italy does a review of the AGM M4A1 Carbine AEG as written by Etabeta and would like to bring to your attention about fake Fox Knives that are being sold and Seal1 will walk you through on distinguishing the fake from the real deal. Especially that Fox Knives are an Italian pride, and sure enough the Italians would tell you to better get the original.


Vega Force Company (VFC) officialise la sortie de son ASW338 LM via la diffusion de cette affiche. Ce dernier avait déjà été présenté sur le stand d’ASG lors du dernier IWA (cf reportages IWA 2011), qui dispose de la licence de la firme Ashburry Precision Ordnance et qui en assurera la distribution en Europe. A lire dans la suite quelques informations concernant la réplique, pour le reste il va falloir attendre !

  • Réalisé à partir des représentations 3D d’Ashbury. Conforme à 100% aux dimensions du real steel ;

  • Nouveau système de chargement des billes permettant un positionnement correct du chargeur ;

  • Doté d’un canon type AEG, grande gamme de canons disponibles ;

  • Mécanisme interne compatible VSR10 ;

  • Receiver en aluminium moulé ;

  • Rails supérieurs et accessoires CNC ;

  • Hop-up ajustable ;

  • Puissance 1 Joule en sortie de boite ;

  • Des kits d’upgrade avec ressorts jusqu’au M150 seront proposés ;

  • Un mécanisme à gaz devrait être disponible prochainement ;

  • Poids réaliste, approximativement 6kg.

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The problems of improper airsoft gearbox shimming

Raptors Airsoft have an interesting new blog post:

Hi, Raptors Airsoft has a new blog post The Problems of Improper Airsoft Gearbox Shimming  on our blog.  This article talks about the problems you will face if you shim your gearbox incorrectly. 

Thanks, Mike (Raptors Airsoft)

Zoxna tactical mortar video

Zoxna have a new video of their tactical mortar:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dycnb82JWG4&hl=en&hd=1]


terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

MadBull – Silencieux Gemtech Halo

Petite nouveauté du côté de MadBull Airsoft qui nous présente un nouveau silencieux : le Gemtech Halo édition 2011 – profitant ainsi des accords de licence négociés avec la firme américaine. Au programme, construction en aluminium, fixation rapide, marquages conformes au RS. Communiqué dans la suite de l’article.

MadBull Airsoft fully licensed 2011 GEMTECH HALO mock suppressor. 

The HALO is rock solid, easy to use, and requires no modification to the host weapon. It utilizes a simple, patented, no-tools mounting system that slips over most 5.56mm style flash hiders. There is no need for proprietary mounts or modifications to the barrel. It may be swapped between many different weapons easily, including but not limited to M16, M4, HK416, and M249 weapon platforms.

Give your rifle a more aggressive and « quiet look ». Make it flush with your rail system or handguard and get that flush SD look. Want a longer inner barrel without extending your outer barrel? Simply add a MadBull mock suppressor and gain those inches with a can!


  • Quick-detach design, attach and remove in under 15-seconds ;

  • Super matte Matte Black Oxide finish ;

  • Made of durable-rugged aluminum, durable yet nimble ;

  • Authentic GEMTECH laser engravings ;

  • Only true external 1:1 GEMTECH HALO replica, 7.2″ length x 1.5″ diameter ;

  • Super lightweight weighing in at only 7.5 ounces ;

  • New 2011 version features enhanced more-aggressive closer ;

  • Fully licensed product by GEMTECH.

Madbull Marketing

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domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 17, 2011

  • Sonim XP 1

  • True story.
    oh you guise.

  • 田村トレーニングセンター 戦術訓練

  • 田村トレーニングセンター 初級射撃訓練

  • Menace Airsoft’s Jedi Answers Questions On Open Bolt Airsoft Guns and Tactical Equipment
    This is a short video to answer some questions posted to my videos and a short statement to a pain in the rear end that just won’t go away. Sorry tried to be classy coulda been allot worse. I’m just tired of this person and their childishness.

  • Airsoft Action 2011 – FAMAS, Masada, WE G39C, M4
    A little bit of some airsoft speedball filmed on multiple days at Picasso Lake Paintball, 2011.

  • Menace Airsoft’s Resources For Players And Where To Find Them
    Just a quick video to inform some of ya on the best places I’ve found for all things airsoft.

  • Combat City CQB Arena
    It is finally open guys. And it was worth the wait. I had fun. A bit crowded, but that is expected for the Grand Opening. Games were short and to the point, allowing for more opportunities to play with different groups. And also giving more players the chance to play at a much faster pace.. If you are in the Central Fl area, you have to check this place out.. 10000sq ft of Airsoft fun.

  • Menace Airsoft’s Proper Care For Your Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols
    This video shows that proper care of your investment is benifical to it’s life span, and your ability to keep your gun for years to come. Allot of players will tell you to stay away from regular gun oils when cleaning this is because they don’t trust you to do it right so therefore they don’t take the time to show you how. OR they just plain don’t know themselves to show you how. 3 in 1 oil is one of the best gun oils on the market I’ve used it for years in real steel applications. As long as you slow down and pay close attenton to what you do, You too can benifit from it’s protective qualities.

  • Menace Airsoft’s WE Scar MK16 MOD 0 Maintenance
    This video show the Maintenace of the WE SCar MK16 MOD 0. Also it covers some common bugs found in this gun as well as the use of oils other than silicone in designated areas. where I know that the video is long, It covers allot of information. The first video "proper care of the gbb pistol" should’ve been first I’m having trouble uploading it it will be available soon.

  • GBB M4 + 1911 – Stoppages, Reloads and Transitions
    Up to my usual hi-jinx again in the garden, getting some practice in (lord knows I need it) with the G&P WOC and a TM 1911 on backup.

    Get a few stoppages on the rifle which need to be sorted, as well as some rifle and pistol reloads and switching between the 2 weapons.

  • RA TECH Socom Gear M200
    we took a video about socom gear M200.we show you how to operate this big gun,and use different green gas to compare the FPS difference.we also took a slow motion clip when the shell eject.

    One of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK you can see more at http://www.youtube.com/scoutthedoggie or Google "Scoutthedoggie"

    FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scoutthedoggie-YouTube-Airsoft-Video-Maker/121770204521266

    Filmed near Falkirk in central Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the POW website at http://www.playersofwar.co.uk/

    The guns seen in this video are supplied and maintained by http://www.airsoftworld.co.uk

    Filmed using a Canon 550d Rebel DSLR type camera, recorded at 720p PAL HD at 50 frames per second, edited using Apple iMovie 09 on an Apple MacBook Pro

  • Magpul (& others) Unboxing – 14 APR 11
    A small shipment from the states this time, taking a look at:
    -Magpul’s 2011/2012 tactical girls calendar
    -The 3 gun gear shotgun side saddle
    -Blackhawk SERPA QD system components
    -Some other fun magpul dynamics stuff

  • Nutnfancy SHOT Show 2011: "The Leatherman Way"
    Leatherman breaks ground with two new, super high value multi-tools for 2011: the Sidekick and the Wingman. Each has a useful and impressive tool loadout, small size, light weight, and amazingly affordable price for a US made MT. Well done! With Leatherman host Brad, we take some close looks at these MTs and many others in the Leatherman line up. My enthusiasm remains high as it ever has been for the outstanding Juice S2, the Wave, the Charge, the SuperTool 300, the Surge, Blast, Fuse, and Kick multi-tools and they remain standard setting in many ways. The newly re-designed Squirt ES4 integrates scissors AND mini-pliers, a design feature I campaigned for years ago. The PFIDude/PFIFDAD team come along for the fun as we discuss the ins and outs of these excellent pocket tools. Along the way we discuss features we like and even have Brad do a mini-review on the Leatherman MUT. Including a 25 year warranty, these are some of the best MTs on the planet and well worth the money.///////////////////////////////Music: partnersinrhyme.com

  • Discover Columbus – Part 1
    On a mission to discover Columbus.
    Filmed in Columbus County North Carolina.

  • Airsoft Evike.com- Echo 1 XCR Review

    Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armory XCR Airsoft AEG Rifle

    The Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armory XCR is yet another great release from Echo1’s already impressive list of AEG’s. Based on the Robinson Armory XCR, this rifle combines some of the great features on an AR-15/M4 platform with an extremely modular design. The Echo1 XCR features a Full CNC Aluminum Receiver, a Tactical Folding Stock, and a Full Length Rail System for all your tactical accessories! The Echo1 XCR also comes with a mock PEQ box to house your battery.

    Muzzle Velocity: 370-400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BB’s)
    Materials: Steel, CNC Aluminum, High Impact Polymer
    Length: 29"/ 20.25" (Total/Folded)
    Barrel Length: 9.00" Outer Barrel / 9.75" (247MM) Inner Barrel
    Magazine: 120rd Mid-Capacity
    Motor: Medium Type
    Battery: 9.6v 1600 mAh PEQ Box Type Recommended. 7.4v Lipo also recommended for better performance. Battery can either be housed in upper receiver (7.4v Stick Lipo) or in the included Mock PEQ box (9.6v Custom Type NiMH or 7.4v Nunchuck Lipo). Battery not included.
    Custom 9.6v PEQ Battery can be purchased here.

    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Mock PEQ battery box, Manual

    - Full length Rail System
    - Authentic Engraved Trademarks
    - Unique Serial Number
    - Side Folding Stock
    - Ambidextrous Bolt Release
    - 45 Degree Fire Control Selector
    - Working Bolt Assembly
    - Full CNC Aluminum Receiver

    Information on the Real Steel Robinson Armory XCR:
    The XCR Modular Weapon System offers ergonomics, accuracy, reliability, durability, and modularity found on no other weapon system. The XCR’s "Kalashnikov Theory" operating system uses a super reliable piston driven, heavy-duty, three-lug bolt which incorporates a heavy duty extractor and a fixed ejector. The XCR in any configuration can be converted to fire multiple calibers with a simple change of the barrel, bolt, magazine, and brass deflector. Not only is the XCR super reliable and durable, its maintenance is extremely simple and straightforward lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • Inside the Mechbox: A&K airsoft M4 D1 Internal Upgrade Pt.1
    ASTKilo23 along with AirSplat present the first in a series of internal Upgrades for the A&K M4 D1 AEG rifle. This outstanding airsoft cqb rifle presents a solid base to upgrade or modify. In this first video he uses a high torque motor, along with an m100 spring to increase the rate of fire and trigger response time

  • Skirmish Time
    pictures by NUTz shot @ Area51 Shotton on 10th April 2011.
    Check out:
    www.airsoftodyssey.blogspot.com for MORE! – created at http://animoto.com

sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

King Arms – Thompson M1928 Chicago Or et Argent

King Arms nous présente deux déclinaisons de ses Thompson M1928 Chicago. Il s’agit d’éditions spéciales avec plaquage or ou argent, basées sur les versions métal et vrai bois. Pour le reste elles disposent de marquages laser, d’un numéro de série unique, et sont équipées d’une gearbox avec bearings 9 mm. Fournies avec un drum de 450 billes ( malheureusement non assorti ). Pas d’infos sur le prix.

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Raptors Airsoft Guide To AEG Springs Video

Raptors Airsoft Guide To AEG Springs Vidcap

We have posted before about Raptors Airsoft Guide to AEG Springs, and they have made improvements to the presentation as Rob updated us that they have made a video of the Guide for those who prefer watching videos of instructional materials. You can just watch the video below, or go to the Raptors Airsoft website to learn more.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFAhrJchZ7I?rel=0&hd=1]

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Airsoft Inside n°5 – Avril 2011

Un peu de lecture pour le weekend ! L’équipe d’Airsoft Inside nous signale la sortie du cinquième numéro de leur magazine électronique gratuit. Au sommaire pour ce mois d’Avril, une découverte de l’airsoft en Oregon (USA), un voyage au Pays du soleil levant, de nombreux témoignages d’airsofteurs et bien d’autres articles ! Lien de téléchargement : Airsoft Inside n°5 – Avril 2011 ( PDF – 46 Mo ).

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New video guide to airsoft AEG springs

Raptors Airsoft have added a video to their AEG springs guide:

Hi, this is Rob from Raptors Airsoft, and I wanted to let you know that our Guide To Airsoft AEG Springs now has a video discussing airsoft springs. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFAhrJchZ7I&hl=en&hd=1]

Thanks, Rob (Raptors Airsoft)

More On The Real Sword M4 & M16 Airsoft Guns

Thumpy Real Sword Helen Lin Interview

Slickaxe, our dear friend from NLAirsoft further gets us into the hype of the upcoming Real Sword products. We have already seen the video of this in action at the Shot Show 2011 and now NLAirsoft has the manuals... "Here is the latest news from RealSword, their new M16 and M4 are confirmed.

We have the first details and manual pages (the shots below are small, you can see high resolution versions at the NLAirsoft news post):

quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Real Sword – M16-A3 EBB / M4A1 GBBR

La présentation du line-up Real Sword pour 2011 lors du dernier IWA a succité beaucoup d’intérêt de la part des airsofteurs. En particulier leur gearbox nouvelle génération plus compacte, et reproduisant le mouvement de la culasse comme sur un GBBR grâce à un système électro-magnétique. Bien entendu de nombreuses questions entourent ce nouveau mécanisme qui équipera dans un premier temps une gamme de M16, vous retrouverez dans la suite quelques détails sur ce dernier ainsi que sur la seconde nouveauté: un M4A1 GBBR.

Real Sword – M16-A3 EBB

Real Sword – M4A1 GBBR

En bref :

  • Taille, poids, équilibre et démontage conformes au real steel ;

  • Excellente rigidité de la réplique ;

  • Organes de visée avant et arrière en acier, ajustables comme le RS ;

  • Garde-main et crosse en polymère conforme aux spécifications RS ;

  • Release catch ;

  • Bolt, marteaux, etc. en acier résistant ;

  • Filetage 14 mm CCW compatible avec la plupart des silencieux ;

  • Démontage possible à la main ;

  • Un garde-main RIS CNC sera disponible en option ;

  • Hop-up ajustable ;

  • Receiver en aluminium 7075-T6 Duralumin CNC, finition anodisée ;

  • Au choix : mécanisme GBB ou équipé de na nouvelle génération de gearbox RS T5 ( batterie Ni-MH ou Li-po ) ;

  • Canon externe d’une pièce ;

  • Chargeur 30 billes ;

  • Vélocité 395 fps avec billes 0.20 g (sur les 2 mécanismes ).

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