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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 20, 2011

  • Buy G&P Flashlight Get Tactical Pouch FREE at eHobbyAsia.com

    G&P Scorpion R500 / R500S / R500M Series Handheld Light
    - 5 Colors Available

    Buy any compatible G&P Flashlight, you can get this pouch FREE from eHobbyAsia.com NOW!!
    check it out: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=EA3GIFT&x=24&y=12&cat=78

  • Madbull Max Bamboo Rail Cover – eHobby Asia Airsoft
    - Extra Soft Rubber
    - Ergonomic design

    Check it out: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/r-i-s-r-a-s/rail-cover/madbull-max-tactical-bamboo-rail-cover-black.html

  • Redwolf Airsoft – CED M2 Chrono + IR Set
    The Competitive Edge Dynamics M2 Chrono Set is a top of the line Chronograph system made use in professional competition shooting leagues. It is not as mobile as your typical Airsoft Chrono but for events and sites the accuracy, performance and extended options of the CED M2 are invaluable.

    CED M2 Chronograph Set (CED-M2)


    CED Infrared Screen Set (CED-ISS)


  • CQC7 Part 2: Airsoft CQC/CQB Competition, Hostage Scenario
    Close Quarters Combat 7 was a team-based Airsoft CQC/CQB competition for teams of 6-12 operators. Each team faced 3 unique scenarios. In this scenario, the teams are challenge to rescue a well-guarded hostage in the basement of a meat packing plant, before it’s too late. She’s being interrogated by the mafia, if they can’t buy her testimony, this walk-in freezer may become her grave.

  • MAGPUL PTS MASADA ACR CQB Railed AEG – eHobby Asia
    EA Custom MAGPUL PTS Masada ACR AEG
    – Equipped Aluminum Alloy Railed Handguard & 11.5inch CQB Barrel Type
    – Include Blackout 51T Flash Hider & MBUS Front & Rear Sight


    2011 Brand New PTS Products:
    AFG2 (Angled Fore Grip) & Real Size Masada Handguard

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – Bolt Action Shooting – Mauser SR22
    David Tests the Mauser SR22 for distance without a scope. Targets are arranged at 25′, 50′, 75′, and 100′ Feet.

    This is the First of 5 Sniper Rifle Demo’s following the AMS TV segment called "Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review – Mauser SR22, X28, SVD, M14, SR-01A". Enjoy!

  • (Airsoft Tactics) How to stack up and move
    http://RainbowOps.com & http://CategoryAirsoft.com
    Gulk from the RAINBOW airsoft team explains how to properly stack up and move as a team.

    This tactic can be used a lot in the CQB airsoft environment. If you practice these tips and show them to your team, you guys will dominate the airsoft field.

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review – Mauser SR22, X28, SVD, M14, SR-01A
    AMS TV Presents a nice over view of some of the best Bolt Action Sniper Rifles on the Market. History, Real-Steal Facts, and Airsoft Specifice for: Mauser SR22 – Tactical SR-01A – X28 MilForce – A&K SSR – AGM M14.

  • Redwolf Airsoft – Inokatsu Colt 1911 Preview Trailer HD
    Inokatsu celebrates 100 years of Colt’s 1911 with their much awaited Airsoft version. Constructed from steel inside and out, and machined to precision from the blueprints provided by Colt, this is the most realistic gas blowback Airsoft pistol ever. This sneak peak trailer shows the WW2 version. Stainless and blue steel finish versions will also be available. Fully endorsed and licensed by Colt Manufacturing USA, this is a pistol for the discerning collector who wants nothing but the best. It’s as real as it gets….

    Two years in the making and coming soon later this year. Check for updates at www.redwolfairsoft.com

  • "Wilderness Spear in Action" by Nutnfancy
    Here is the spear that I said was screaming to get out. That was in my March 2009 review of the now-discontinued Cold Steel Warhead dagger/survival blade. Hopefully you bought one then. Covered in detail in that review (annotated), the Warhead gets a workout against cardboard and wood here with friend Cr0cket20, helping in the spear chuckin’ duties. The Warhead does not disappoint. It could become a deadly weapon for dispatching game in traps and even close quarter battle. The 1055 medium carbon steel is ideal in its application, the knife is tough and does not break. The tip bends a bit when slammed into a stump cross grain but that is to be expected and was addressed in the review. It can be straightened as well. Attachment to a sturdy and mostly straight wilderness shaft is simple but you will have to work at affixing it tightly. There are several methods to do this but the ones shown functioned well (tight wrapping of 550 cord would be another). Expect it to loosen some in use and after long term storage. But as shown here this wilderness works about as expected which is to say, it’s an amazing survival value. The Cold Steel Warhead then is (was) indeed the most portable survival spear.//////////////Music licensed to TNP from Dan-O at www.danosongs.com

  • Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun ICS Sig 551 Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-
    Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun ICS Sig 551 Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-

    Prodigy from ASTKilo23 reviews the Cybergun ICS Sig 551 for Airsoft Hero. You can purchase the gun at:


    And you can check out the Airsoft Hero youtube page at:



  • Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47 60th Anniversary Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-
    Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47 60th Anniversary Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-

    Pridogy from ASTKilo23 reviews the Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47 60th anniversary for Airsoft Hero.
    The rifle is available at:


    You can also check out the Airsoft Hero youtube page at:



  • Airsoft GI – KWA M226 PTP NS2 Gas Blowback Pistol
    The KWA M226 has been a long awaited release. Bob has already done a shooting video where you can see this pistol in action, but now lets go more in depth about this exciting gun.

  • Airsoft GI – Bob & Eric from KWA talk about KWA GBB Pistols at OPRS 2
    KWA is one of the most popular airsoft companies in the world. Bob was lucky to grab a short interview with one of the KWA players at Operation Red Storm

  • TSS is Back in Orlando
    That is right, they are officially Back. This Mongi Guy really does exist. Nice guy. Talked to him briefly about his involvement in the Community, and his plans for the future. According to him, there are big things on the horizon with an unknown Super Retailer…. shhhh!


  • The North Atlantic Airsoft Expo – Part 2
    Barry and Nick show some additional footage and interviews from the 2011 NAA Expo. RFR takes a poll of the favorite aspects of airsoft and the best features of this year’s NAA Expo. Whether it is the comradery, training value, technical-thinking of the game or the realism of the weapons and historical replicas, what is YOUR favorite aspect of airsoft?

  • Menace Airsoft Answers Questions About Airsoft Guns And Gear Episode 2
    Another episode from Menace Media on qusetions and comments left on all of our videos.

  • RA-TECH How to install kc-02 sniper version.
    RA-TECH How to install kc-02 sniper version.

  • RA-TECH How to install kc-02 M1 CARBINE kit.avi
    RA-TECH How to install kc-02 M1 CARBINE kit

  • "Getting Stoned with Yoda" Ruger GP100 Trigger Job
    Tune up your Ruger GP100 with a trigger job from master gunsmith Terry G from Impactguns (callsign "Yoda" for his Jedi expertise). From the box, the excellent Ruger GP100 is an outstanding, high value 357 Magnum service revolver. It’s accurate, tough, durable, reliable, and fun to shoot. It should last forever. However the trigger isn’t perfect and needs work for increased speed and higher hit probability at extended ranges, at least when doing speed drills in double action mode. Here I show Terry G working his magic on the innards of a GP100 and we discuss his techniques. I am struck by the complexity of this job compared to the a S&W job but go ahead and try it yourself if so inclined; we include plenty of information for you to do just that. Then PFIDude shows up and we have some entertaining discussions on S&W Performance Center variances, 3-shot burst modes, time travel, another gunsmith who screwed up a PFI customer gun, and the part-time production realities of TNP. This was filmed in Dec 2010 and awaited posting until I had thoroughly tested the Yoda GP100 trigger in tactical shooting. Shown at the end and in other videos, the trigger job is outstanding and highly recommended for the $65 spent.////////////////////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw///////////GunsmithTerry G at Impactguns can be contacted for jobs at: terryg@impactguns.com, ph 801-393-2474, Extension 306

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