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GHK AKM GBBR : Sortie en Mars 2011

Nous savions que depuis l’été dernier GHK travaillait sur une réplique gaz blowback de l’AKM ( voir les news précédentes ), un mail de la marque nous indique que l’attente est terminée et que cette dernière devrait être disponible au cours du mois prochain ( Mars 2011 ). GHK confirme par ailleurs que cette réplique est toujours produite dans le cadre du partenariat avec LCT, qui a réalisé toute la structure externe. Des chargeurs CO2 seront disponibles par la suite.

Dear sir

We’re pleased to inform you the news.

In 2011 March, GHK will release AKM, cooperated with LCT produced external
part and GHK’s brand new internal structure design.

Reference website including photo and film:

CO2 magazine will release soon.
Distributor contact:

Best regards,
GHK Airsoft Inc.

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ARES : AW338 Spring – Plus d’infos

Voici de nouvelles informations concernant le nouvel AW338 Spring annoncé par ARES il y a quelques jours, extraites du prochain catalogue de la marque. La structure externe reste similaire à celle de la version gaz ( alliage d’aluminium + fibre de nylon ), le chargeur gagnera en capacité ( 70 billes ) et une vélocité de sortie de boite annoncée à 350-380fps. Côté longueur, comptez 1020 crosse repliée, et 1200 / 1220 mm crosse dépliée. Poids de 6400 kg. L’annonce mentionne qu’il est facile d’upgrader la réplique, reste à savoir si le mécanisme est similaire à un autre déjà présent sur le marché ( WA2000 ARES, AWS Marui ? ).

Merci à Sw1tch pour l’info ;)

Mise à jour (via Oep) :

Salut !

Comme convenu, voici quelques news de la part d’Ares :

« Here are the answers of your questions about the spring-powered AW338:
1. It will be available in the coming month, please follow our website
for latest news.
2. It is not compatible with Marui L96AWES.
3. It is not an AEG barrel inside
If you have other questions, please feel free to ask. »

Au plaisir !

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Les G36C GBBr arrivent chez SRC et VFC

Hasard du calendrier ou bonne réactivité de l’un des protagonistes, deux fabricants qui avaient tous deux teasé sur une sortie prochaine d’une version gaz blowback du G36C l’annoncent officiellement, et le même jour ! Nous avons donc premièrement Vega Force Company (VFC) qui se targue d’une licence officielle H&K rétrocédée par Umarex, et de l’autre Star Rainbow Company (SRC) qui dévoilera son G36C ainsi qu’une déclinaison K à l’IWA 2011 (du 11 au 14 Mars à Nuremberg) au côté d’autres nouveautés. Pas plus d’infos à se mettre sous la dent.

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Magpul PTS : ACR 7,62

Redwolf Airsoft se fait le porte parole de Magpul PTS en dévoilant sur Facebook ces images de la réplique de la version 7,62mm de l’ACR. Comme toujours, pas plus d’informations pour le moment !

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The Echo1 M240 Bravo: so good, it’s embarrassing

The eagle eyed amongst you will noticed that it’s not Friday but I can assure you that it was still Friday when Tom of Pyramyd Airsoft Blog fame submitted his latest news: 

Hi News Fairy, Happy Friday to you.  As promised in my previous instalment of the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, I have added a few words along with some photos (ha!) chronicling my time spent introducing my opponents to the Echo1 M240 Bravo (which is now available for sale at during last Saturday’s Airsoft game at Hill559 in Fresno, CA.  It would be an understatement to say that I had a metric ton of M240 fun (hey, that rhymed) last weekend.  I had so much fun, that when I accidentally stepped in cow poop, I didn’t care as much (it still sucked), but would have been way more upsetting if it wasn’t for the fun I was having.  Anyone interested in seeing some great action shots, reading a lot of words about Airsoft or BOTH, can click the following link: Taking the Echo1 M240 Bravo for a spin at Hill559 last weekend

A very special thanks goes to Dave Bakholdin, of Kremlin Photography for taking some fantastic shots of me looking “tactical hot” with my 240 Bravo. 

Thanks, Tom (Pyramyd Airsoft Blog)

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Airsoft GI news update

Here is the latest news from Airsoft GI:

Mojave Thunder is a one day MILSIM operation brought to you this April by Airsoft GI and Desert Fox Fields.  Click the following banner for more information:


For a limited time only Airsoft Innovations is offering a FREE GASCAN with the purchase of a Tornado Impact Grenade.  See below for more details:



Another awesome deal that you can’t afford to miss comes from Cybergun.  You can get an ICS SIG 552, a gun bag, a flashlight, battery, and charger all for only $269.99.


(Airsoft GI)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 25, 2011

  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 2 – Inside the GearBox
    Ok so now we move to the gearbox and strip it down to see what order it is in.

  • OpTactical unboxing – 23 FEB11 – Pt. 2
    Finishing off the unboxing by looking at the HSGI TACO pouches for pistol mags, and then me doing a lot of waffling with some male masturbation comedy all mixed in.

  • Redwolf Airsoft – ARES M3A1
    The ARES M3A1 AEG SMG, a recent addition to the WWII genre. A full-auto only AEG with collapsible stock and magazine carried battery, its quirky to be sure but its also affordable and skirmishable. To find a more detailed description you can find it here:

  • OpTactcal Unboxing – 23 FEB 11 – Pt 1
    Latest order from Op Tactical over in the states, taking a quick look at the Blue force gear SOC-C suspenders and HSGI RAMP kits, all for your belt rig or first line kit.

  • rpg2 3

  • "The Hurt Locker Shoot" by Nutnfancy
    It’s cold, we’re tired, and Eldrige needs saving. Welcome to "The Hurt Locker Shoot" where we try to replicate a pressured shooting situation in a dark alley at about 60 yards. Filmed in long missing but sorely needed night mode with a high end camera, me and the crew take on this scenario I came up with. Long lost BuggetNuster returns in this TNP exercise along with TNP Crew Member PFIDude. Run, breath, shoot…but don’t hit steel or you fail and Eldridge dies. We even give a go with handguns…rather unimpressively. Of course this is a loose interpretation, the targets aren’t moving, and we aren’t taking rounds. But with slightly elevated stress levels it’s still a great exercise and it’s fun. Another Nutnfancy original. //////////////////////////////////// Music: Produced and licensed to TNP from TNRr "THEL1ZARDKING" ( thel1zardking)…great tunes from his band Bodewell. His songs are available for purchase at:­um/ego-trip/id310304033?uo=4 OR

  • How to Make the Bug Belly Bar by TIAT
    The Bug Belly Bar is the fusion of the Bug Belly Weave and an over-under weaving technique (see "Decorative Fusion Knots" for details). Combined, these two tying techniques create a clean looking piece that looks a whole lot like the belly of a bug—thus the tie’s name. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together.

  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 1 – The Strip Down
    I have brought my G&G CQBS into Chris in MainIrishAirsoft to pimp my cqb shooter! We are going to strip it down and rebuild it from the gearbox out! This is the first of 8 vids

  • Airsoft Skirmish in NJ 2011 – M700, M4, AK, WE G39, Sig 556
    Footage from the skirmish @ Picasso Lake PB on February 19th, 2011. Next game hosted there will be March 5th.

  • Shuttle Launch 2011
    Clouds got in the way…. Now back to our regularly scheduled Airsoft Vids….


  • Redwolf Airsoft – 1887
    Reason for this video:

    Redwolf Airsoft Facebook:

  • Airsoft GI 101 – Battery Installation into a Javelin Electric Blowback AK
    RMA cases are coming in due to the blowback arms breaking on the Javelin AK’s. This is due to improper placement of the stick battery. Bob shows us where to put our stick batteries in this short video.

  • Airsoft GI – Tactical Gear Heads – Retail Store Sales Jason Load Out
    Jason has done a TGH before but he has a new rig this time and we have a new showroom.

  • Fusion Engine High Velocity Testing with Prototype P249 – Part II
    Testing the first gen prototype of the M249 Fusion Engine using 0.20g BBs

    This only a prototype. Production Fusion Engine systems are theoretically capable of similar performance, however, the maximum velocity is limited for obvious safety reasons.

    We do not encourage the use of velocities shown in this video. We are simply testing the durability of the system in the most demanding configurations.


  • Airsoft Review of the Javelin Airsoft Works M24 Sniper Rifle
    The Javelin M24 airsoft sniper rifle is a great entry platform. Good solid construction with plenty of upgrades available. So it makes a great airsoft rifle for both new and veteran players.

    For complete information follow this link.

    Follow this gun @ the Skirmish Report

  • (Airsoft Uncut) squ1d – Secure the building – We follow squ1d in a game of "Secure the bomb". This game was played at Desert Fox MOUT field. The game objectives were to secure the bomb and prevent the OpFor from planting it. This video takes place with only 20 minutes left in the game. Tons of sweet airsoft action.

Review of the New APS Catapult Sights

You know - I saw these a while back and thought they were pretty cool looking. Now that I've got them on my KWA SR-10, I can say I'm glad I bought them.

You can get these guys at for $30 (for both front and rear rights) - here's the link:

Now let's take a look at these guys up close and personal.

First off, they are made of a nice metal. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's solid and the finish is quite nice as well. Secondly, they are QD sights so with a twist of the knob, they are off.

The rear sight (seen below here) is kind of like a "peep" sight you would find on a PDW or a SCAR. In general, I was not a huge fan of these, but after reviewing the WE PDW and now seeing these guys, I don't mind them.

The rear sight folds down completely (as is shown here) and then pops up as well. The knob on the right-hand side of the rear sight allows you to adjust it as needed for windage. Unfortunately, they are not really 'fully adjustable', but they will do the job for most airsofters I think.

Here you can see the front sight. This one can pop up to two different settings, meaning it can be totally down, part way up, and then completely up.

Here's a shot of them on my KWA SR-10.

And looking down the barrel.

I like these guys. They certainly are one of the most unique sights out there, and for only $30 a set, it's a pretty great deal.

Rear sight flipped up...

and flipped down.

Looks - 9. Very unique and just over a great addition to an AEG.
Build - 8 - solid metal construction, the fact that they are QD is nice as well.
Function - 7 - a little disappointing that they are just partially adjustable, but they'll do the job I think.

Keep on firin',

Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior .45 GBB

Du neuf du côté de Tokyo Marui ! Le fabricant japonais nous présente en effet ce Strike Warrior, une réplique gaz blowback dérivée de sa gamme de .45 et équipée notamment d’un compensateur dentelé qui lui confère un look agressif. Côté prix, comptez environ 150€ pour une sortie dans les prochains mois.

Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior .45 GBB
Longueur205 mm
Poids816 g
Longueur du canon74 mm
Prix16800 JP¥ soit 150€
Chargeur supplémentaireChargeur MEU (28€) ou M1911A1 (26€)

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ARES : AW338 Spring

A voir sur la page d’accueil d’ARES Airsoft une annonce concernant la sortie prochaine d’une déclinaison spring de son AW338 – déjà disponible en version gaz. Trois coloris seront proposés : TAN, olive ou noir. Pas plus d’informations pour le moment.

Merci à Oep pour l’info ;)

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SOCOM Gear Barrett M82A2 Sneak Peek

SOCOM Gear Barrett M82A2

Another SOCOM Gear Barrett Sniper rifle coming up this year, we don't know if this will be a limited edition but then, it's something to look forward too. Prepare to raid your bank accounts... "SOCOMGEAR licensed Barrett M82A2 prototype sneak peek! It Will be released in 2011. Possibly GBB version.

Cyma Cybergun Colt M4 CQB-R Review

Airsoft Megastore Cyma Cybergun Colt M4 CQB-R AEG Rifle Review

Latest review uploaded at the Airsoft Megastore TV Channel... "Hey guys, We’ve got exciting news!  Airsoft Megastore TV has just been able to get our hands on the latest Cyma Cybergun Colt M4 CQB-R AEG Rifle. Below you’ll find the link to our newest episode and review of this gun shot in full 1080P HD for your viewing pleasure. 

Brian Reviews The Echo1 XCR AEG (Video)

Brian Echo1 XCR Video Review

Not exactly an independent review of the Echo1 USA Airsoft Robinson Arms XCR AEG as this is done by the Brian, the airsoft tech of Echo1 USA. But this will do as he takes us into the AEG with a take down, as compared to the walkthroughs as we have seen in videos prior to this. It looks like the Echo1 USA has a winner here.

SocomGear – Barrett M82A2

A la suite de la version A1 sortie l’an passé, le distributeur américain SocomGear nous présente un premier aperçu en photo d’un prototype du Barrett M82A2, toujours sous licence officielle de la firme américaine. Pour plus d’informations, consultez le communiqué de SocomGear dans la suite de l’article.

SOCOMGEAR licensed Barrett M82A2 prototype sneak peek!
Will be released in 2011. Possibly GBB version.
The M82A2 is a rare version of the M82 and only a few been sold to the public. We are very lucky to be able to check out one of the M82A2 and produce the Airsoft replicas!

All our rifles are closely 1:1 external dimensions. The internal dimensions are fully modified to fit gear box and Airsoft components.

About M82A2:
The least-known member of the Barrett .50 family is the 27-pound M82A2 conceived in 1987, reportedly for use against helicopters in Afghanistan. It is an M82Al gun, “semi-bullpupped” and reconfigured for firing “over the shoulder” like a rocket launcher. It has a forward pistol grip and two perforations in the top of the muzzle brake to counteract recoil jump.

This is primarily a quick-reaction weapon for standing or kneeling positions, and is accordingly fitted with a red dot sight for rapid acquisition and engagement of fast-moving targets. Very few of these rifles have been sold, but their operational applications are just now being formalized. This alone might indicate that the sales were to the military for testing and not to the general public.

As a result, the U.S. Marines are reexamining the M82A2, and a number of foreign orders are now in the offing. Ideas for wider application include using this rifle as a helicopter gun to provide local defense during resupply, and it could also be a more versatile option than the M82A1 for guarding strategic installations.

Ronnie Barrett has understandably shot a great deal of ammunition through the M82A2, and can lay down a withering rapid-fire barrage with it. « I found it balances very well, and the red dot sight is great for snap-shooting. When we tried this gun in the desert some years before, a helicopter temptingly flew across my front, but I decided to spare it. »

Madbull Marketing

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Airsoft International: March issue now out

Paul, (Airsoft International) has sent over details of their latest issue:

imageThe March issue of Ai has just hit the stores. With this issue we have launched yet another two new sections.

The work Bench: Designed to help you find and fix common AEG and pistol faults.

That’s Pretty Ninja: Dispelling some of the Urban Myths surrounding Airsoft.

Ai is now and has for some time been the constant in Airsoft Publishing Each month (13 Times a year) we publish at least an 86 page Guide to the world of Airsoft. We are on sale in the worlds news trade and selected Airsoft retailers.


Join us on our face book page for great giveaways and stimulating  conversation.

Paul, (Airsoft International)

RA-Tech WE Scar steel bolt & KC-02 mag release

Here is the latest test video from RA-Tech:

Hello, We made a new video for scar heavy  steel bolt & kc-02  tactical mag release.



Guida alle GBB (GAS BLOW BACK)


Quando ho cominciato a giocare, erano molto poche le repliche soft air a funzionamento elettrico disponibili sul mercato e, quelle che c’erano, erano caratterizzate da prestazioni limitate. In effetti, le prime repliche soft air più che al gioco del soft air come oggi lo chiamiamo noi, erano destinate a collezionisti in quei Paesi ove il possesso di armi vere era fortemente limitato.

Ricordo le prime schermaglie sui campi tra compari di avventura “armati” in maniera eterogenea. Qualcuno con i primi MP5 o FAMAS elettrici Marui, privi di Hop Up, altri con repliche - funzionanti a gas con tanto di tubo e bombola esterna di alimentazione - di fucili più o meno realistici da vedere. Qualcuno era armato con un fucile ad alimentazione mista, i cui pallini facevano un gran male. Si trattava della replica della Walter MPL, pistola mitragliatrice in calibro 9 Parabellum, la cui copia soft air utilizzava il gas compresso, contenuto in una bombola esterna collegata alla replica mediante un tubo, per lo sparo del pallino e un meccanismo elettrico alimentato da due pile alcaline AA, che faceva funzionare il meccanismo di sparo, in singolo e in full auto.


When I started skirmish in airsoft, there were few electrically operated airsoft replicas available on the market. They were characterized by limited performance.

The first airsoft replicas were destined to collectors and not for airsoft skirmishes.

I remember the first skirmishes, using the most heterogeneous “weapons”. Someone with the first Marui MP5 and FAMAS electric guns, without Hop Up device. The others, with guns working with gas in external cylinders. There were, also, sone guys armed with the Walter MPL a copy of the 9 Parabellum caliber submachine gun, using compressed gas contained in a cylinder connected to the grip by tubings and an electric gear powered by two batteries Alkaline AA, operating the firing mechanism in single and full auto.

Umarex Combat Zone MAG-9 Airsoft Electric Gun Black - it's ok if you like small

Reviewer: Elmoman
Rank: 1LT
Location: Asbury, NJ
read all my reviews

I have used the model and somewhat like the way it looks and it shoots ok for QBC. it's not a gun you take to the game. FPS and battery use is limited but would look nice in your collection just the same. don't know why you would have a fore grip on something that small anyway!

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RA TECH KC-02 sniper version 40m test

RA-Tech have a new test video:

We have done a test video last weekend, it is RA TECH KC-02 sniper version 40m test for more details, please go visit our youtube at below link,



AEG Burst Wizard Airsoft MOSFET


For those wanting a versatile AEG can check the AEG Burst Wizard from AEG Wizard. This is a great plug and play MOSFET with no modding necessary such as soldering it to install it in your AEG. You can easily place this on any AEG that you have as long as it fits properly and can adjust the ROF as needed. The good feature is the full auto lockout option for games that require single shot modes, especially CQB airsoft games. 

SRC XR8 Gen III AEG Released


Star Rainbow Company (SRC) released last week the third generation of their XR8  (XM8) AEG and is avaliable in OD, BK, and GG... "The XM8 is a developmental U.S. military designation and project name for a lightweight assault rifle system that was under development by the United States Army from the late 1990s to early 2000s.

A message From Madbull Airsoft: Gemtech Raptor-II Now Available

The long awaited, fully licensed Gemtech Raptor-II silencer is now available! The real Gemtech Raptor-II features a lightweight quick-detach design for use with the 9mm MP5 tri-lug mount, with a simple push in and twist installation. The new MadBull version also features both a lightweight (5.9 oz) and a quick-detach design and fits over any Airsoft MP5 tri-lug mount.

The US version will be an ATF approved lightweight non-functional barrel extension.

For Airsoft only
Made in Taiwan by MadBull Airsoft
US Version: Non-functional barrel extension
Weight: 5.9 oz
Materials: T6 6061 Aluminum
Finish: Matte Black Oxide

Law Airsoft Racing Series

L’équipe de LAW Airsoft nous présente une série limitée de RaceGun réalisés en collaboration avec Ryo Seaba, sur base des Hi-Capa 5.1 WE avec de nombreuses améliorations en terme de performances et d’esthétique. Tous les détails dans la suite de l’article.

Bonjour à Tous,

Nous sommes très heureux de venir vous présenter notre toute première série de RaceGuns. Développé conjointement avec notre grand ami Ryo Saeba, voici le Hi-Capa 5.1 FCM by Ryo. Totalement re-travaillés, les performances de ces bijoux sont au paroxysme de ce qu’un Hi-capa est capable d’offrir… Tout en maintenant un prix abordable.

Au programme, 3 visions différentes:

Version 1 :
- Hi Capa 5.1 We Type M
- Canon 6,01 PDI
- Steel Hammer Type SV
- Valve HP Guarder
- Kit ressort 150% (Culasse et Percussion) Guarder
- Piston Métal et ressort nozzle renforcé Shooter Design
- Magwell Chrome
- Culasse dépolie bi-tons

Nous vendons ce custom au prix de 255,00€

Version 2 :
- Hi Capa 5.1 We Type M
- Canon 6,01 PDI
- Steel Hammer Type SV
- Valve HP Guarder
- Kit ressort 150% (Culasse et Percussion) Guarder
- Piston Métal et ressort nozzle renforcé Shooter Design
- Magwell Chrome
- Culasse dépolie bi-tons
+ Grip stippling FCM By Ryo

Nous vendons ce custom au prix de 279,00€

Version 3 :
- Hi Capa 5.1 We Type M
- Canon 6,01 PDI
- Steel Hammer Type SV
- Valve HP Guarder
- Kit ressort 150% (Culasse et Percussion) Guarder
- Piston Métal et ressort nozzle renforcé Shooter Design
- Magwell Chrome
- Culasse dépolie bi-tons
+ Grip stippling FCM By Ryo
+ Dégradé et dripping FCM by Ryo

Nous vendons ce custom au prix de 295,00€

Attention, il s’agit d’une série limitée à 6 exemplaires au total!

Les répliques, les grips, peintures et dépolissages sont assemblés et ajustés mains dans notre atelier.
Chaque modèle est unique. Livré avec son certificat d’authenticité.

Garantie 1 an Pces & Mo

En espérant que ces répliques vous plaisent autant qu’à nous!

Guillaume MEYER
et toute l’équipe de Law Airsoft
Law Airsoft Shop

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segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

Echo1 débarque en France !

Une information qui peut se révéler importante pour le marché de l’airsoft en France : le distributeur américain Echo1 va s’implanter en France durant le mois de Mars. Cela devrait introduire une nouvelle concurrence au sein du territoire, bénéfique pour notre loisir et les prix pratiqués en magasin. Ouverture prochaine du site Affaire à suivre !

Merci à Thierry L. pour l’information ;)

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Madbull Airsoft Fully Licenced Daniel Defense SA80 RIS Announced

MadBull fully licensed SA80 (L85) rail system. MadBull SA80 RIS is the
only licensed and true 1:1 scale Daniel Defense rail system.

Daniel Defense was awarded the contract for the SA80 RIS by the UK MOD
(Ministry of Defense) and is currently the sole producer for the UK MOD.

The MadBull SA80 RIS features full picatinny rails for mounting optics,
grips, lights, etc. The SA80 RIS is constructed of CNC machined 6061
aircraft grade aluminum with hard anodized coating. The SA80 RIS also
features a swinging top rail for battery access.

Complete your modern UK SA80 load out with our MadBull Daniel Defense SA80
fully licensed rails.

The MadBull Daniel Defense SA80 RIS will be available for: ICS, G&G, and
Army Armament SA80 (L85) AEGs.

Novedades STTI

Para los que gusten de marcadoras basadas en modelos de armas no habituales, los taiwaneses de STTI han presentado dos modelos de funcionamiento Gas BlowBack: la pistola 0351TM y la cabarina semiautomática KC-02.

G&G GK99, not just another tacticool AK

I know what you're thinking, here we go with yet another tacticool AK. But you would be wrong - the G&G GK99 is a replica of the Finnish SAKO 90 series service assault rifle. Like the Israeli Galil what you have is a Kalashnikov AK47 which has been given a bit of a make-over.

The GK99 is a beautiful and sleek looking AK variant and I personally prefer it over the Galil. Though I would be hard pressed - when it comes to authentic tactical AK variants - to chose between the GK99 and the gorgeous Real Sword Type 56-2.

As usual G&G has produced a wonderfully turned out replica, but there will be those who cringe at the thought of G&G internals. This is where a King Arms Galil and Real Sword will have the edge. But the way I look at it is that if you are an aficionado of the more niche AEGs then it is worth taking on something like a G&G and then lavishing the extra care it needs to bring it up to standard. However, that's rather putting the cart before the horse based on G&G's past performance, you never know this might be a good AEG out the box!

> Link to the official G&G GK99 web page
> Link to the official Real Sword Type 56-2 web page
> Link the official King Arms Galil SAR web page

Three new AATV video reviews

After a long absence AATV are back:

Hey, AATV is back from the grave, bringing three new video reviews:

1) G&G GK99 and TM AK102: AATV reviews two modern AK variants: The G&G GK99, which is an airsoft version of the finnish Sako RK95, and the Tokyo Marui AK102. Warning: Viewers from Finland and Russia may be offended by the video.


2) G&G Tracer vs. TM New Full Auto Tracer: Let there be light: AATV does a lightning fast review on the latest tracer units from G&G and Tokyo Marui.


3) Stalker Style Masks

AATV video reviews three Stalker style airsoft masks – with some fava beans and a nice chianti.


thx, Gregor (AATV)

domingo, 20 de fevereiro de 2011

Western Arms nouveautés 21.02.2011

Après les séries spéciales pour les fêtes de fin d’année et la St Valentin, retour des traditionnelles fournées de répliques en fin de mois du côté de Western Arms ! Pour le mois de février, on reste dans le classique avec de nouvelles éditions de Beretta, dont une inspirée du 92F de John McLane, et des variantes de Colt.

Western Arms Beretta 92F « Die Hard » Blued – 252€ (Infos)

Western Arms Beretta 92F « Die Hard » – 205€ (Infos)

Western Arms Colt M1911A1 « Street Kings » – 252€ (Infos)

Western Arms SV Infinity Snake – 354€ (Infos)

Western Arms Springfield M1911-A1 « Volte-Face » – 275€ (Infos)

Western Arms Colt Defender ’90 – 252€ (Infos)

Western Arms Colt 1911 MKIV ’90 « Speed » – 299€ (Infos)

Western Arms Colt 1911A1 MKIV Dual-Tone – 252€ (Infos)

Western Arms Colt 1911A1 MKIV ’70 Dual-Tone FS – 252€ (Infos)

Western Arms Colt ’70 « Gold Cup National Match » – 299€ (Infos)

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