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Product Releases from G&P Industrial Products

G&P U.S. Navy MK23 MG

The webmaster of G&P Industrial Products C. Ltd, have sent in their new products. Some are already in stock at some Hong Kong retailers while the rest are accessories for your airsoft guns and skirmishing needs. If your favourite retailer doesn't have these in stock, better pester him... "Hello, we have released new products:

GP-AEG001O   CAR-15 (Old Style)

GP-AEG014     M7A1-T

GP-AEG015     U.S. Navy MK23 MG

GP-AEG016 M4 V.S.B.R.

GP-AEG017  XM177E2

GP-AEG018  XM177E2 with M203


GP347N  M3 Tactical Head w CREE LED

GP-COK001 XM177E2 Handguard Kit

GP-COK002 XM177E2 with M203 Handguard Kit

GP-COP010B M4A1 14" Aluminum Outer Barrel

GP-COP010S M4A1 14" Aluminum Outer Barrel (Silver)

GP-COP011S M16A2 Shorty Aluminum Outer Barrel (Silver)

GP-FLL001  Multi Purpose Safety Signal Light (W)

GP-FLL001B Multi Purpose Safety Signal Light (W) (Black)

GP-FLL001O  Multi Purpose Safety Signal Light (W) (OD)

GP-FLL002 9X Torch

GP-FLH003 XM177E2 Flashider

GP-MAG001 MK23 Electric Drum

GP-MAG001A  MK23 Magazine Box

GP-MEB002 AR15 A2 Metal Body

GP-OTH002 KAC Flip Up Sight

GP-OTH004B  Switch Gas Block (Black)

GP-OTH004S Switch Gas Block (Silver)

SP031   Super Torque Up Bevel Gear

SP032 Super Torque Up Bearing Bevel Gear

WA163  Custom Valve (MP)

Best Regards,
G&P Industrial Co., Ltd"

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