terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

Opforce DG ak GBB drop in kit

Opforce now have their AK GBB drop in kit in stock:

Hi, We now have our Opforce DG ak GBB kit in stock. This is the new upgraded version. The AK GBB Drop In Kit is the only airsoft internal to be made with nickel plated steel internals. 

The system uses your aeg mag! We have adjustable fps, rof, recoil, and hop up. With aeg inner barrel compatibility.


The system can be ran in freezing weather with no cool down effect due to the nitrogen/hpa gas. Co2 is also compatible.

The AK GBB Drop in Kit fits all lct bodies. It is also compatible with vfc, dboy and inokatsu ak with modification to the outer barrel. We have the hardest hitting recoil system. With the most felt recoil on the market. We also give you a warrantee.


specs. at 140 psi = 400fps with 18 rounds per second. at 90 psi = 300fps at 12 rounds per second.

Dealers Welcome

(Opforce / DG Tactical Training Systems)

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