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Thumpy reports on PolarStar’s latest developments

Thumpy has sent over an article he’s put together about PolarStar’s HPA Mechbox “replacement” engine:

imageTime to get EXCITED about Air?  You Bet your FUTURE it is! PolarStar’s latest photos of the HPA Mechbox Replacement…using High Pressure Air…is about to start "Converting" Paintballers to Airsoft, one tank-fill at a time!

PolarStar is "Field Testing" their HPA Mechbox "Replacement" Engine…and it SOUNDS AMAZING

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNIPz6FO2L4&hl=en]

Yea, and check out the World Class MACHINE WORK that is going into Prototype S/N 00001….which is undergoing testing at the PolarStar WeapsLab right now!


Roy Noji of the "Noji Gang" as they are affectionately known here at the 3-D House of "Air" dropped on Thumpy that a G&G GR25 and G&P M4 (As seen below) were on-site for OP Irene at Fort Knox, in the amazing Zuzzman MOUT site, and were handled and tested by TONS of the top Airsofters in the USA.  "In addition to G&P and G&G, we’ve tested and confirmed that our system is a drop-in fit for all major AEG manufacturers!" says Noji.


Roy says "We’ve been having a blast testing our new system and so far it has met each field test with stunning success.  There is still more testing to be done before we release this innovative new product. However, as we put the finishing touches on our HPA system we will be opening for pre-orders very soon.  For anyone interested in placing a pre-order please contact your Airsoft retailer for more information.  Thanks!"

And THANK YOU, PolarStar….for keeping your commitment as one of the MOST INNOVATIVE companies in Airsoft ANYWHERE…and right here in the good old USA!

THUMPY…..OVER! (Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft)

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