domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

Laylax RIS upgrade for Type 89 Part 1

Now I know I have done this all arse-about-face (having posted up part 2 of this upgrade video series), but I actually wasn't going to publish these videos at all. In reality I made these videos so I could keep tabs on how I took the darn thing to bits so I could put it back together again!

Even though the production quality is quite low and I wasn't working from a script I decided that it would be a shame to just bin this footage after I had finished the work and thought that they might be of some use to someone somewhere (maybe)!

So here's part one of my Type 89 RIS upgrade. Please forgive the sound quality, my shaky camera work and my stuttering narrative (and the over use of 'OK')! LOL


Link to the next part in this series: Type 89 AEG - Laylax RIS upgrade - Part 2

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