domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

Magpul PTS – MASADA-SD (M4-2000) and BlackoutT 51T Flash Hider


Dear all,

Magpul PTS is very excited to announce the fully licensed, Advanced Armament Corporation Airsoft product: The Magpul PTS MASADA-SD (M4-2000) and Blackout™ 51T Flash Hider.

The MASADA-SD is comprised of a licensed replica of the AAC M4-2000 Silencer together with the AAC Blackout™ 51T Flash Hider.  It is compatible with PTS MASADA ACR.

Magpul PTS MASADA-SD M4-2000 Silencers will be released shortly in black. Limited Edition Tan/FDE Magpul PTS MASADA-SD M4-2000 Silencers are coming soon.

Please contact your local distributor/dealer for further information.

WARNING: PTS MASADA-SD is Non-US version, available in Asia and Europe only. 

Unregistered silencers is totally illegal in the US.  Please refer to your local law.

Magpul PTS Division

AAC Siliencer AD51T Flash Hider AD

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