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CQB Radio: MiniCast 20.5

Here it is - CQB Radio: MiniCast 20.5

You can get it at www.cqbradio.libsyn.com or on iTunes

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Listen for a chance to win the new G36C from H&K/Ares in the December podcast (thanks to Pyramyd Air for partnering with us for this contest).

Echo 1 has their new LMG out.

Magpul has a foldable stock for the Masada.

These lower-face masks are getting more and more popular.

Javelin - their new M24 sniper rifle.

New G&G Top Tech 416 models

Javelin's also making new AEGs with blowback - here are a few...

and here are a few more - tactical AKs - interesting.

King Arms has a Thompson out.

This is a new thing to the market - the 1911 conversion kit.

Classic Army/Magpul PTS Sportline - nice looking AEG.

S-Thunder is now on Facebook.

Airsoft Extreme is carrying a bunch of lower-cost shotguns.


Check out this video of the new S-Thunder Pistol Grip grenade launchers.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5EVF8EwEO0&fs=1&hl=en_US]


G&P M16A3 - really nice AEG, a little sticky with the trigger though.

Micro-red dot from AMP - nice, a little dim, but nice.

Really like the J-Rich M900 vert grip/flash light combo. Much less expensive than the Surefire.

And that's all. Enjoy and talk to you in December.

Keep on firin',

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