quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010

Posters of Upcoming Tokyo Marui Products

TM SCAR-L Poster 01

We have learned about the new products revealed by Tokyo Marui last week during the 50th Tokyo Model Hobby Show. These should start appearing at retailer shelves in November and December of this year. So while saving up, and waiting for these to be ready for retail, Tokyo Marui has made available of PDF posters for you to download. You can share these with your mates or with whoever you want to have it. Just click on the images below to download the PDF files:

Tokyo Marui SCAR-L with Blowback and Recoil Poster

Tokyo Marui Recce Rifle Poster

Tokyo Marui AK-47 High Cycle Poster

Tokyo Marui Px4 Storm Poster

Tokyo Marui Foliage Warrior Poster

Tokyo Marui Boys HG M4 SOPMOD Poster

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