quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010

Airsoft electric magazine loader

I am anxious to get back on track with midcap magazines when I return to airsoft. I got into the lazy habit of resorting to high-caps in my last few games - mainly due to the fast type of games I was playing. But - let's face it - while having to change magazines is exciting and lends to the atmosphere of realism during a game having to reload all those mid-caps between games is a bit laborious (and neigh on impossible when you play on a site that doesn't allow a decent amount of time between games).

So I took the plunge and spent $48 at UNCompany of Hong Kong for the battery operated speed loader.

It is about the thickness of two standard M4/STANAG type magazines and so fits neatly into a double mag pouch. It holds 300 BBs and loads them into a Lo/Mid-cap mag in seconds.

The loader operates with 4 AA size batteries and comes with four different nozzle attachments to suit a variety of different types of airsoft magazines (pistols and rifles). I will do a follow up of this and how it operates in the field, but this is also a great piece of kit if you can't quite afford to buy a lot of mid-caps for your loadout but still want to enjoy the experience of mag changing (you could continually charge a set of two or three mid-caps on the fly).

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