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ICS Unveil their L85 Carbine

ICS-87 L85 Carbine

Following the success of their first two AEGs in their L85 series, the L85 A2 and the L86 LSW, ICS unveil their latest creation in the series: the ICS-87 L85 Carbine. The difference between the L85 A2 and the L85 Carbine is that the latter is a shorter version at 730mm, but not as short as the AFV. The L85 Carbine still sports the same gearbox and weighs 3.2kg.

Just like the real L85, the receiver can be disassembled in the same way by pulling out two pins. When you lift the upper receiver, the L85 gearbox is revealed and it will also show the same ICS Turbo 300 long pin motor given the bullpup design. You will notice their advanced electric current break system that will disconnect any power connection when you open the rifle for maintenance as an added safety. Battery installation can be done in the handguard upfront in just three steps.

The two-stage trigger response emulates the real L85 A2/L85 Carbine and the charging handle can be pulled back to reveal the hop-up and while adjusting the hop-up you can have the port open by using the charging handle catch, which is an added convenience for you when you want to adjust the trajectory of the BBs. The hop-up adjustment has a crosshead, so you can use a screwdriver for making precise adjustments until you are satisfied with how the AEG fires.

One of the best things about the gearbox of the ICS L85 series is that you can increase or decrease the velocity by the mere adjustment of the spring guide. There's no need to change springs to get the desired power for the AEG. An indicator of high-low spring adjustment is also shown on the gearbox shell to remind you on the power of the AEG at that given moment. Since disassembly is easy, you can just quickly make quick power adjustments to suit the requirements of the airsoft skirmish site you're going to.

The receiver is made of stamp steel like the real gun and there will be creaks or wobbles and tha barrel base reinforces the structure of the body. ICS has demonstrated that it a 45kg person can be supported by it without stressing the gun.

It's very much a well thought-out design, and our expectations of this will be the same like the ICS L86 LSW AEG that we have been using since last year and the favourite of Masterchief when going skirmishing. The ease of use, adjustments, and maintenance of the ICS L85 Carbine makes it part of a solid triumvirate with the L85 A2 and L86 LSW. No pricing and availability at retailers announced yet, but we do expect this to be same as the ICS L85 A2.

Now what we need is for ICS to release a SUSAT replica for us to use on these series as it is hard to come by for L85 users.

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