quarta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2010

Upcoming: G&G G2010


Some time ago, we got a short & heavy package from guys in Taiwan, more exactly, from G&G Armament. They sent us their new G2010, which is a replica of Fabrique Nationale´s F2000-rifle. We have had a chance to test few original rifles, so we were pleasantly suprised how realistic the G&G version of it was. Weight and centre of mass is somewhat the same as the real gun and when you dont have the real steel version beside this one – you really cannot point many details that are not the similar to the FN´s gun.

Next, we´re going to put this gun under severe evaluation. Gun defiantely seems sturdy enough to withstand some punishment, but after crawling in mud and pinecones, we can really say what it is made of. If you´re thinking to buy this gun, you might want to wait until our in-depth evaluation report comes out in the future.

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