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A Flintlock Airsoft Pistol? WTFNo Airsoft for Old Men

Now, I told you I like strange guns.

Not that I don't have my share of the ubiquitous M-4's, 1911's and the lot.
What I really like though is the strange stuff.
I guess this pistol will fill that slot for a while.
At around then middle of 2009, Arines, Popular airsoft and the other news sites 
were showing a unique pistol that was "coming soon". 
(They were a little off with the "wood" stock and the "electric" part, but neat pic's)

Now we all know what that means in airsoft speak, that's it's going to be month's, if at all. listed at the end of the year and was sold out before I could even place an order.
I did find one a few weeks ago, soooooo
Lets start with the basics.
The gun is made by Dong San ( K.T.W. ) in South Korea.
It comes in one of the best looking boxes I have seen an airsoft pistol packaged in.

Full color graphics of the pistol itself, not like most that use a stock photo of the gun.
Now, a stock photo would be hard as this is supposed to be a copy of the George Washington pistol.
I could not find  a picture of the real one, what I could find were a ton of sites selling non-firing display models, that looked just like this one.
I can only assume that KTW makes those also.

Inside the box you will find the pistol, instruction manual and a allen wrench for tuning the hop-up.

Amazingly, the instructions have pretty good English translations.

The pistol itself weighs in at 1 pound, 10 ounces and is 13 inches long. 
A fairly hefty unit in the hand.
The "wood" stock is plastic along with the tip of the loading rod.
All other parts are either metal , or in the case of the magazine, brass.
Overall the fit and finish are much better than I expected, the plastic wood looks like wood from a few feet away and the pot metal embellishments are decent looking.
A noticeable seam runs along the bottom of the stock, but detracts little from the gun.
Trademarks consist of the word "London" on the top of the barrel and HAWKINS on the lock plate.
A sliding safety has been added behind the hammer. Pushing it forward when the hammer is at rest locks the hammer from being cocked.

The unit has a 12 round magazine that is in the loading rod at the muzzle end.
A quarter turn on the rod allows you to pull it forward, you can then drop 12 600 bb's into  the slot. 
Push the rod closed and give it a quarter turn and you are ready to duel!

Of course, actually shooting the pistol is a little bit of a chore. 
After loading the magazine you have to bring the hammer to full cock, 
you then have to close the frizzen ( the L shaped looking piece) to bring a bb into the chamber.
This can not be done one handed without a lot of grip changing and juggling the pistol.
Best to use both hands in making this pistol ready to fire.
One thing to remember on this pistol, the hammer has really no purpose than to cock the internal hammer. After you cock it, the hammer will fall when you pull the trigger (duh), but it has no connection to the internal hammer. What this means is that you can not "lower" the hammer with your thumb to keep it from firing after you have drawn the hammer back to full cock. 
If you are versed in mainly GBB pistols or real steel firearms, this could be a safety issue when you first start handling the pistol.     Just be aware of this and there should be no problems.

On to the testing.
I have decided that with all the upcoming reviews I have to do, I needed to standardize some things.
So the testing protocol will be as such.
1. test firing of 200 rds of Excell .25g bb's
2. Cronoed the 1st 5 shots and the last 5 shots.
3. Clean the barrel at the start and at the 100 rd mark and at the end.

The 1st 5 shots averaged 145 feet per sec, the last 5 came in at an average of  157 fps.
At the 200 rd mark no screws had loosened and I could find no discernible wear, the frizzen is now a little loose, but it seems to have no effect on the operation of the pistol.
Range is always subjective. I have a man size standup target that I shoot at and was able to keep all shots on it at 35 ft, at 45 ft I would miss 1 in 5 and at 50ft, 3 in 5.
The barrel was surprisingly clean at the outset and at the 100 rd mark. At the 200rd mark there was some plastic coming out on the patch, but it was very slight. This leads me to believe it has a nicely polished barrel.
The hop up is adjusted thru a hole in the top of the barrel, it did not seem to make a lot of difference in the bb's flight though.

This pistol is just one that is cool to have. 
It is not a skirmish gun, nor a target gun.
It really is not a replica of any movie gun.
It is a replica of a famous gun from US history, but most wont care about that.
It has a good butt heavy heft in the hand and when I pick it up for some strange reason I want an eye patch and I find myself saying ARRRRGH a lot more than I normally do, weird huh?
I will pick up another one soon,
I want to promote dueling at our skirmish field to settle local forum disputes. 

As always, if I have missed any thing or you need more info, please contact me.
I have not found this for sale anywhere in the US
I have found it on Ebay

104.00 dollars shipped to the US.

That's it for tonight,
Until tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my friends.

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