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WE Browning Hi-Power Sneak Peek [ Video]Everything Airsoft

James from WETTI gave us a fleeting glimpse of the WE Browning Hi-Power back in February while demonstrating the WE M14,ctzmcs3x but today WETTI manufacturing partner PowerStar, gives us a first look at the Hi-Power in it’s close to final form with a round of test fires. While still manufactured today as the P35, this Browning HP appears to be a late 1930’s – early 1940’s era replica with some of the design cues of the day such as the tangent type rear sight known as the “Adjustable Rear Sight Model”, the wood grips and internal extractor. It will be interesting to see if the slotted grip for attaching a wooden shoulder stock (as pictured) is a feature. Two-tone HP’s were not a feature of this era so I suspect the demonstrated model’s bare slide is just sans a finish.

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