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Element introduces EOLAD-2 Red-Dot/Laser/IlluminatorEverything Airsoft

It was only a matter of time before somebody replicated, in full, EOTech’s popular EOLAD-2 Red Dot sighting/lighting system and Element have stepped up and finally introduced it to the airsoft market after EOTech introduced it to the real steel market in late 2008. G&P released a $70 kit last year that converted a 552 into a EOLAD but it never really took off. So what is an EOLAD-2? Well, basically it’s an 552 Holo integrated with a red laser pointer and tactical illuminator and in the real steel world commands a price tag of over $2500USD. Element hasn’t yet provided price or availability details.

Element EOLAD-2 Red Dot Laser Illuminator

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