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Viper Tech goes back to basics with Colt Model 601 and 602Everything Airsoft

It can be said, Viper Tech loves their Vietnam era AR15 gas blowback replicas, so it really comes as no surprise to find a video of a Viper Tech, err… tech lovingly crafting a Colt 601 or 602 aluminium receiver with no more than his hands and a small file. The Colt 601 and 602 AR15’s are of course the rifles that Colt first produced after the acquisition of the rifle from ArmaLite and in 1959, started the black rifle obsession which continues today with the M16 and M4.

The Model 601 was the first “AR15 Model” produced by Colt . Manufacturing started in December of 1959, with the first 300Colt Model 601 rifles being produced, and continued until the summer of 1963. Changes made by Colt in the production process would include;Receiver of the 34th, out of initial 300 run, Colt Model 601 to come off the production line, today worth over $50,000 painting the furniture green (after approx 100 were made), different roll markings, and changing the aluminium alloy from 7075 to 6061. Less then 14,500 were produced, with serial numbers in the 101-14,484 range. The bulk of the rifles went to the US Military with 8,500 going to the Air Force, 1,000 going to the Army for evaluation in project AGILE, and a handful going to the Navy SEALs.

The Colt Model 602 was built incorporating the first round of changes / improvements (Flashhider, Charging Handle, Lower Components) over it’s predecessor the Model 601. The Model 602 was used by a number of US Military Forces, with the majority of the going to the Air Force. Starting in 1963, approx 19,000 Model 602’s were delivered to US Military Forces.

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