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Shoei–MG42 available early-mid SeptemberAir-Soft [] Airsoft News

Here is the latest news from Shoei:

Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your continued patronage. We are manufacturing MG42 display model of the 2nd lot now.  Those sale is due to be started by the early – middle of September. The price is 135,000JPY. When there is an order, please tell me about it. We will not manufacture most except the number of the orders. This model was developed for the user who does not need discharge of BB cartridge.

Please check the specification of this model on our website.

Moreover, we have the stock following now.

  • MG42 air blowback BB gun  11pcs

  • MP44 air blowback BB gun  18pcs

Since there is no manufacture schedule for the time being in this model, if there is hope too, please contact me here earlier. (Shoei)

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