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New BBBastard NitesAir-Soft [] Airsoft News

BB Bastard have designed a new generation of airsoft BBs:

imageBB Bastard is proud to announce another innovation from Bastard Labs. For a few years now BB Bastard has been attacking the problem of building a heavyweight BB that meets our high quality standards. The challenge of finding a material that would allow a heavier weight, but not impact size, consistency, material distribution or the ability to take a polish has been one of our top priorities for over 18 months.

Now, utilizing technology pioneered by NASA and the Ames Research center, we have found both a material and process that allows a BB to break the .30 g barrier but maintain a consistent size and distribution of material like no other BB before.

imageNITES are the next generation of airsoft ammunition. Each BB is CNC machined from a tetragonal molecular material to achieve consistent size, shape and distribution to an overall accuracy of 1/1000th of a millimeter.

Now, every single BB is as close to identical as is mechanically possible. You can eliminate the variances found in normal BB’s completely. Every BB, every shot, is exactly the same as the last.
This is a huge advance, not only for snipers who expect repeatable results from every round, but for anyone who is trying to accurize their airsoft rifle. You can now eliminate the BB as the variable.

Every NITE weighs .36 grams, is exactly 5.953mm in diameter and is as close to a perfect sphere as you can get at this price point. And because it’s made from a crystal lattice, there is perfect material distribution on the MOLECULAR LEVEL. No lumps, bubbles or heavy spots.

As they are made of a material that mimics the tiles on the space shuttle, NITES are so hard that you can capture them in a home setting and reuse them. The material they are constructed from ranks third in overall hardness (GPa) behind only diamond and boron nitride, so a quick wash and dry, and right back into the chamber they go. Perfect for accurizing your airsoft rifle.

Each bag of NITES contains 8 rounds and cost 11.95. Get yours at BB Bastard! now!

Brent Lucas, VP Online Sales and Marketing (BB Bastard)

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