sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

Tokyo Marui FN5-7 with CQ Flash

Something to look forward to with this FN5-7 airsoft pistol from Tokyo Marui as it comes with a torch... "Tokyo Marui boasts the Enhanced Recoil 'FN5-7' with 20mm of rail support for the 'CQ-FLASH' that comes with the set! The FN5-7 frame employs the Army field artillery BDU 'ACU" match in Foliage Green and, assuming a war in the desert and the Middle East, the Flat Dark Earth colour. Each frame, according to color, a 'CQ Flash" dressed in the same color as well. It features manual safety, slide stop, and the black magazine catch.

The CQ flash has a 15m flash range with high performace LED.It has a switch which can turn the light on when depressed. The front of the lens is protected from BB hits. The FN5-7 is compact, lightweight for good handling, and can be stored in any location. The CQ Flash uses 3 LR44 button cell batteries."

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