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EAC Hi-Capa STI TRUBOR Open IPSC Ultimate Custom

Custom race gun made by eHobby Asia which will set you back by US$680. This comes already fitted with a CMORE sight... "EA Custom Work present IPSC Ultimate Weapon Series. It is based on Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5.1 Airsoft GBB Pistol. We installed Airsoft Surgeon STI TRUBOR Open Slide Set, CMORE Red Dot Sight (RED) & Mount, BWC Dimple Grip & Nine Ball Internal Upgrade.

Please note that due to Nine Ball Short Stroke Recoil Spring Set installed, slide lock is disable, recoil speed is sharply increasing to fit IPSC purpose.


1. Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5.1 Airsoft Gas Blow Back Pistol Reworked

2. Install Airsoft Surgeon STI TRUBOR Open Slide Set (Include Tapered .38 Super outer barrel (Silver), Compensator (Matte Silver), and STI TRUBOR Slide (Black)

3. B.W.C. Simple Grip (Non-slip textured)

4. CMORE Red Dot Sight (RED) & Scope Mount

5. Nine Ball Internal Upgrade:

- Hi-Flow Valve increase the shooting power of each shot (NINEBALL-PT-058)

- Recoil Spring Guide & Short Stroke Recoil Spring (NINEBALL-PT-039)

- Air Seal HOP-UP Chamber (NINEBALL-PT-023)

- Gas Route Sealing Rubber Packing (NINEBALL-PT-070-1PC)

6. Airsoft Surgeon Internal Upgrade:

- Super Light Sear Spring (AS-ACC-PT015) - make every trigger pull faster & lighter

- Loading Nozzle Spring (AS-ACC-PT019)

7. Tuned to 300 FPS Muzzle Velocity with Top Gas

6. Custom Work to Ensure Smooth & Fast Blow Back Action

  • Widely spaced serrated cocking surfaces ready for Competition Shooters

  • Mount Base drilled and attached on Aluminum Lower Frame to fit CMORE Dot Sight

  • We did it a must partner for every IPSC Shooter."

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