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Airsoft International: Volume 5, issue 12

imageHere’s what you’ll find in the latest issue of Airsoft International Magazine:

In five years of continuous publishing this is the biggest issue we have ever published (88 pages in total) This makes Ai not only the biggest selling Global Airsoft Magazine out there, but also the biggest ( in terms of pages published per issue) and still the biggest selling UK Airsoft magazine in existence

Inside you’ll find –
6       The Gallery – A place for Airsofters to send in their own pictures, we?ll make you famous
13      UKARA listing
14      Airsoft News – Keep up to date with the latest developments from around the World
16      Hardware on Display – KSC TP9
18      Incoming! – Your letters answered
21      Head to Head ? Patrol Headsets
image24      Gear Up – So you wannabe in Task Force 141
30      Pistol – WinGun Series 7 Co2 Revolver
35      Site Report – Fort Amherst
40      Weekend Warrior
42      Tried and Tested – We try before you buy
44      UKARA News
46      You’ve got the Look – Local Load outs
48      Hardware on Display – G&P M4 Magpul PTW Sentry
image52      Staff Shooters
54      Battle Field Bargains – Budget busting tactical gear solutions
56      Gear Zone
60      Our Finest Hour – WWII Airsoft at its very best
62      Your Tour of Duty – Nam Soft at its very best
65      The Devil’s in the detail – Marui Hi-Capa Xtreme upgrade
70      French Letter
72      Ready Room – Team Talk
76      Subscriptions
image79      Group Test – Chest Rigs
83      Site listings
87      Next issue

There are another 3 new section published with this issue

  • UKARA Retailer listing

  • Tour of Duty- which by the way is sponsored by Osprey publishing

  • The Good Gig Guide- which is back by popular demand

The futures bright!- the future is Ai (Airsoft International Magazine)

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