segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

OPSGEAR Tactical Poster 3-Pack

Now you can get all these posters made by OPSGEAR in a 3-pack package. No need to worry about making separate purchases, just a single click of a button and you'll have the Danger Calls, Infidel and Tip of the Poster in your shopping cart... "Pick up the 3-pack of these OPSGEAR exclusive 16x24 Inch posters! Each one represents the hard edge typical of the community OPSGEAR serves. Order the entire 3-pack and save big!

  • 3 Pack includes Infidel Poster, When Danger Calls Poster and Tip of the Spear Poster

  • 16" x 24"

  • Full Color Print

  • High-Resolution Artwork"

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