segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

Desert Shield Ver. 2 Available under SOCOM Gear

Desert Shield Tan Color Plate Carrier Version 2 is now under the SOCOM Gear Brand and the suggested retail price is US$99... "This is military grade tactical gear! Made of heavy duty Nylon instead of cheap China made polyester fabrics (We will include a piece of fabric so you can test and see for yourself. If you burn our material it will burn with white smoke. The cheaper manufacturers use polyester which burns either black smoke or with an unpleasant smell.)

  • We are using top quality materials, fabrics, and buckles.

  • Our factory has been producing military grade gear for such countries and military groups as Japan, UAE, Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden and other Special Forces Operatives.

  • Made in Taiwan, a U.S.A. ally


  • More MOLLE straps on the side of front, back, and s sides of vest for extra capacity loading

  • 2 thick shoulder pads with drinking hose holder

  • Multi-layered Air flow mesh system to keep your body cool down from the extreme weather condition

  • 4 sides of plate holder: Front, back and 2 sides

  • 2 small pockets on the 2 sides of cummerbund

  • Extra strength emergency pull strap (military grade)

  • Recoil buffer pad for high recoil power weapons. (3 ways adjustable: left, right and center)

  • Extra large YKK buckles"


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