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Madbull sniper accelerator hopup bucking X2 now available

Madbull sniper accelerator hopup bucking X2 now available:
Madbull have sent over details of their new sniper accelerator hopup bucking:
The Madbull Sniper Accelerator Hopup Bucking is designed with a soft rubber and silicon material to allow for maximum adjustment and increase overall performance of your sniper rifle. The bucking is specially designed to seal compressed air and prevent double b.b. feeding. Each package comes with two bucking that work with the Echo 1 M 28 & VSR-10 style rifles. The Madbull sniper hopup bucking will take your rifle to another level of precision!
Package include: SNIPER HOPUP RED X 2
  • Softer rubber/silicone material
  • Specially designed to seal compression
  • Prevents double feeding
  • Two accelerator hopup buckings per package
  • Increase Performance
Brand Compatibility: Echo 1 M28 & VSR-10
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