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KRISS Arms terminates licensing with KWA

KRISS Arms terminates licensing with KWA:
imageAccording to KRISS’s website KWA are no longer working with them.
There’s speculation as ever, including that the marketing director of KWA USA left to work for KRISS Arms, but all that’s officially known is what’s below (source):
KRISS Arms terminates exclusive Trademark Licensing with KWA
    Nyon, Switzerland – 18.04.2013 – KRISS Arms, the Swiss global leader in firearms innovation, announces the termination of its exclusive trademark licensing with KWA. This termination affects all current and future KRISS airsoft projects, including the popular KRISS Vector SMG GBB and upcoming AEG version.
    KRISS Arms will also be actively pursuing any infringements of its patents and trademarks worldwide, including unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of KRISS product replicas.
    As part of its strong commitment and support to the Milsim and professional training community, KRISS Arms will be seeking for new innovative partners in the airsoft industry to market its current and upcoming airsoft products.
    About KRISS Arms
    KRISS® Arms, an innovative Swiss-based group, delivers proprietary technologies to the firearms industry enabling more efficient solutions, corresponding to the 21st century requirements for the global law enforcement, military and civilian markets. KRISS is headquartered in Switzerland, with production and operations in Switzerland, as well as in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.
    Media inquiries please contact:
    Press Officer
    +41 22 365 67 24
    (KRISS Arms)
    This may well mean that KWA stocks of the VECTOR will disappear quickly, so you may wish to consider buying one while you can. Of note is that KRISS state they will go after unauthorised copies and are looking for a new airsoft company to work with. There’s a thread about this in the forums.

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