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A.C.E REVIEW // JJ Airsoft “Silencer”

A.C.E REVIEW // JJ Airsoft “Silencer”:

This review is brought to you by A.C.E in cooperation with OPERATOR7.

Ok, I know, it’s not supposed to be called a silencer. If we as Airsofters wish to be accurate, we should call this a suppressor because in real steel there are no such things as silencers.
Why? Well simply because there’s still no way to effectively silence a gun. Plus the gun is not the only thing needing of suppressing since bullets travel at sonic levels that will produce a very distinct noise. So to better suppress a gun you’ll need the right ammo and a suppressor too.
And don’t take my word on this, go ahead and read this article from Guns&Ammo and you’ll see what I mean.
So any Airsoft silencer from now on should be called a suppressor. First because they really don’t silence your AEG as you’ll see on this review and second, let’s get accurate, there are no such things as gun silencers! In fact, this term was invented by the Hollywood movie making industry, so avoid looking like a fool near your friends and call it by its real name.
Feature, design and materials:
As for the JJ Airsoft Suppressor, it’s has a quick detach mechanism and a flash hider included. On the package you’ll find the 14mm counter clockwise thread flash hider, which works with the locking mechanism on the suppressor to lock it into place and avoid it from falling or wobbling around.
The flash hider seems quite normal, only thing I noticed different is apart from the normal threading for the barrel, there is another threading where the suppressor seems to lock.
Inside, after removing the suppressor front cap, you’ll find a pretty much standard foam.
As for the exterior, the suppressor comes with a metal protective cover with drilled holes which can be removed via a small Phillips screw. Once you remove the cover you’ll find a shiny and flush suppressor with

around 170mm of length.
In terms of weight it’s quite lightweight and doesn’t add much weight to your AEG, weighing only a mere 240 grams.
Since its quick detach, it has a very simples system that allows you to remove or install the suppressor in just a few seconds: all you have to do is push the locking mechanism down, slide the suppressor on top of the flash hider, turn it counter clock wise until it stops and then push the locking mechanism up so that it locks the suppressor into place.
In terms of materials it seems that the suppressor is mainly constructed out of aluminum, hence it’s lightweight. It is quite sturdy and the coating finish is very, very, resistant.
Performance and sound suppression:
At first I had two main questions about airsoft suppressors: first would they increase or reduce the performance of your AEG FPS wise, and second would it suppress the sound produced by your AEG when firing.
And, as you can see from the following video, the suppressor doesn’t add performance to your AEG but it won’t make it lose any FPS. It will also not suppress or reduce any of the noise your AEG makes while firing according to the

decibel meter I used to read the noise produced by my own gun.


In sum, this suppressor is very interesting because it’s easy to install and remove, since you can do this in just a few seconds and without any tools, so you can remove it or install it during a game without any problems. Also it includes its own flash hider so you won’t need to use your own.
After all, this will only be an aesthetic change to your AEG, but it will surely make it look quite cool, and it gives you the possibility to run it with or without the cover which kind of turns it into two different looking suppressors.
And if you plan on running a longer inner precision barrel, and you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a new outer barrel and installing it, then perhaps the faster and cheaper way to run this setup, without having your inner barrel stick out of the barrel, would be getting a suppressor like this one!
The JJ Airsoft suppressor is available in black, costs $34.99 and you can get one at the new JJ Airsoft store:
  • Well-built and lightweight
  • Quick detach
  • Protection cover is also detachable
  • Flash hider included
  • None
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