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Future Energy Custom KJW KC-02 CQB Series

Future Energy Custom KJW KC-02 CQB Series:

For those who wanted a skirmish ready KC-02 that can be used for CQB games and at the same time can fire in semi and full auto modes, the Future Energy custom KC-02 CQB Tactical Series is now in stock at eHobby Asia… “This is the KJ Works KC-02 Tactical Carbine GBB Rifle Designed by Tanio-Koba. The Concept is a copy from Ruger (Sturm, Ruger & Co.)  10/22 Carbine Rifle.
Future Energy Custom KJW KC-02 Fully/Semi Auto (CQB Tactical Type)
  • Semi / Fully Automatic Shooting mode
  • High Density Nylon Body
  • Over 450FPS Velocity Muzzle by Top Gas
Future Energy Custom Update:
  • FE Fully/Semi-Auto Conversion Kit – for Convert your KC-02 GBB Rifle Both have Fully Auto shooting mode
  • FE KC-02 70º Hop-Up Rubber – for enhance the range and accuracy
  • FE Absorber Pin – for reduces the bolt vibration
  • FE CNC Steel Lengthen piston – for enhance the bolt speed, Improve gasification and Recoil Power (blowback)
KJ Works feature:
  • Full Metal One Piece 270mm Outer Barrel
  • 30 Rounds Loading Capacity Long Magazine
  • Up to 66 rounds shot by One Gas-Charge (Bolt hold when magazine is empty)
  • Come With Three 155mm Cover Rail
  • 315mm top picatinny rail system for any scope or red dot sight
  • Adjustable Flip-up Front and Rear sight (With Ambient Light collecting acrylic sight rods on Front sight)
  • Extendable 5 position Telescope Stock
  • Adjustable HOPUP located on Top Rail
  • Full Metal 14mm Counter-Clockwise Flash Hider (Able to Attach Silencer)
  • Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling
  • Remember to check out our Store for accessories”

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