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Extended Rail for the Kriss Vector

Extended Rail for the Kriss Vector:
Extended Rail for the Kriss Vector

The popularity of the KWA Kriss Vector has made it one of the most sought out Airsoft guns in 2012 and probably one of the most sold in early 2013.

It would seem that because the Vector isnt an M4 platform, it wouldnt get as much trinkets and upgrades. But that's where you're wrong and thanks to its remarkable appreaction by the Airsoft community some nice things could be on the way.

So please remember that these are only rumors, but they do look promising:


I found out about this image on a portuguese Airsoft forum, of what it appears to be a barrel and rail extension which will add a lot of rail space and perhaps a little more accuracy with a longer inner barrel and a rail to hold on to it.

The site that promoted this image is a forum and I did some digging, very limited I might say since I don't speak chinese, and found nothing more concrete about this, so if you do speak the language do ask the guys about this and come and tell us everything about this great lookin piece of kit!

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