segunda-feira, 11 de março de 2013

Day 2 At The IWA 2013 & Outdoor Classics

Day 2 At The IWA 2013 & Outdoor Classics:
IWA 2013 Day 2 ROE & ASG Twins
The crowd was certainly bigger on the second day of the 40th IWA. First, I paid a visit to the Bohemia Airsoft booth where progress was made on the W58 front. Last year, they only had a mockup but now they have the spring version of this famous AK looking firearm. All the furnitures pictured are came from the real W58. Hopefully within a year we can see an AEG showing up on the virtual shelves of their webshop. The real verison is produced by Czech Small Arms and it's called the VZ58.

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