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Airsoft Obsessed at SHOT Show 2013 part 3

Airsoft Obsessed at SHOT Show 2013 part 3:
Here is the third of several instalments of Airsoft Obsessed’s report from SHOT Show 2013:
Red Jacket Firearms aka "Sons of Guns" from the Discovery Channel By Dave
One of my personal must see booths at the 2013 Shot Show was the one from Red Jacket Firearms. Yes, I am a bit of a fan boy when it comes to the show I will admit. So when I got the call telling me that I made the cut to accompany the Tominator to Shot I immediately made my Shot Show fan boy list of things and people to see.
Red-Jacket-Firearms-Booth-2013-shot-show-airsoft-obsessed (4)
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Wallace and crew over at the Z-Shot booth had some nice stuff on display and possibly the most talked about airsoft gun at the show, the Knights Armament LMG Chainsaw from Ares.

Zshot-booth-shot-show-2013-airsoft-obsessed (2)
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Daniel Defense
Dave's Edited Shot Show Photos-88
Before I go any further I have a confession….I am a total fanboy when it comes to Daniel Defense. I love their products and have purchased my fair share of their products starting with their original carbine length Lite-Rail. Their designs are very practical and efficient.
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Alex Ko (PTS) tells us about the KWA Magpul PTS RM4 ERG while at Shot Show 2013 this year, which has been in the works since at least last year when it was first announced.  This is definitely something we are looking forward to seeing released after having the privilege of putting a few rounds through it earlier in 2012 while visiting the KWA offices.  The recoil on the KWA RM4 is pretty awesome.  It will likely make for a great airsoft training rifle when it comes out as well.  They’ve even built in a bolt-lock feature when you use the special RM4 magazines that will come with it.  The other cool thing about the RM4 is that it’s backwards compatible with your regular AEG mags (High-caps, mid-caps & low-caps), so if you were a bit tight on budget, you don’t have to worry about dropping a ton of cash on getting the new propriety ERG mags.  Keep in mind that the bolt-lock feature only works with the special ERG mags.  Check out the video we got with Alex Ko from PTS, who takes us through everything about this awesome gun.
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