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Airsoft Obsessed at SHOT Show 2013 part 1

Airsoft Obsessed at SHOT Show 2013 part 1:
Here is the first of several instalments of Airsoft Obsessed’s report from SHOT Show 2013:
Condor Outdoor Products
Dave's Edited Shot Show Photos-40
As I made my way around the vast Sands Convention Center trying to get some grasp of the enormity of what SHOT Show had to offer I found myself standing in front of a familiar name, Condor Outdoor. Some people may snicker at that but Condor makes an affordable line of tactical gear that won’t break the bank and at the same time fits the budget of many airsofters. I know some of my own first kit was made up of Condor gear before I went Gucci Crew. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Condor is only for the noobs or ballers on a budget, it’s just many people mistake cost for a measure of quality and while that may prove true in some cases, it’s not always true. Case in point, Condor Outdoor. So as I stopped and pulled out my trusty Canon 5d3 to snap a few photos I was pleased to see that Condor Outdoor had most of their product lineup on display at Shot Show 2013. There was much in the way of vests, bags, and other gear on display. Allow me to take you through some of what I saw. There were plenty of bags and pouches to choose from in various patterns. Need a backpack? Got it. Need a sling bag? Got it. Need a triple shingle pouch for an AR mag? Got it. That’s not even counting the number of slings they had on display as well.
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Eagle Industries
Eagle Industries is one of the premier makers of tactical gear for the military and law enforcement communities. Their gear is extremely well built and the designs are intuitive to the operator. You can tell how good their gear is by counting the number of cheap chicom airsoft knockoffs there are. Speaking of which, the steep price and limited availability to the civilian market make seeing authentic EI gear on an airsoft field is even rarer. Only the true Gucci Crew among us roll Eagle Industries. Over at SKD Tactical, a vest alone with no pouches is going to run you $500. Add to that a full kit of molle pouches and your looking at about a  $1000 worth of vest.
Even rarer air in the Eagle Industries catalog is gear made in AOR1 which we were lucky enough to get a photo of. 
Eagle-Industries-shot-show-2013 multicam-aor1-devgru-tactical-vest-airsoft-obsessed (11)
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Crye Precision Booth
One of the first things I looked for when I got my media credential kit for Shot Show 2013 was where the Crye Precision Booth was located. I have been a huge fan of Crye Precision going way back to their gen 1 stuff. I still have my gen 1 Crye Battle Shirt and BDU’s that I ordered straight from Crye. It also happens to be where I got my Dirka-Dirkanistan patch which was pretty rare.
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